A/Prof Colin Moore

A/Prof Colin Moore

Penis Size – is it important? Why? What are options for men who want it bigger?

Phalloplasty, more commonly known as penis enlargement surgery, is a procedure that permanently enlarges a penis through surgery. Unlike many non-surgical solutions which can only increase penis size to a certain point and are not permanent; penis enlargement by a skilled surgeon results in a permanently larger penis.

A/Prof Colin Moore currently performs approximately 50 penis enlargement surgeries every year. Patients vary in age, from their late 20s to their early 60s. The men that request this surgery do so for a variety of reasons: for confidence; to alleviate performance anxiety, and; to address a variety of performance and physiological reasons connected to their penis size.

Most men think mostly in terms of the length of their penis, however, A/Prof Moore can both widen and lengthen the penis during one surgical procedure in most cases.

After decades of perfecting his Phalloplasty technique, A/Prof Moore’s highly regarded procedure is now patented and can only be undertaken at The Australian Centre for Cosmetic/Genital Surgery in Sydney. He sees patients who travel from all over Australia to achieve impressive results.

The Procedure – What’s Involved?

A/Prof Moore’s Phalloplasty surgery achieves penile lengthening by cutting the ligaments located where the penis meets the patient’s lower abdomen. These ligaments, once severed, will allow the penis to lengthen naturally, as up to one third of the penis length is hidden inside the body. Tissue is then placed between the pubic bone and the lengthened penis, resulting in a permanently lengthened penis.

To widen the girth of the penis, A/Prof Moore harvests dermal fat grafts from the patient’s own tummy or buttocks. This fat is then transplanted to expand the erectile cylinders of the penis from underneath the skin, ensuring that the width is increased evenly in diameter.

As with all plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures, it is vital that patients thoroughly research the risks, results and side effects of their chosen procedure and choose a qualified surgeon who has extensive experience within the particular area of surgery. A/Prof Colin Moore is definitely considered one of Australia’s foremost experts in penis enlargement and should be on your list of surgeons to consult with should you be looking at this particular surgery.

A/Prof Colin Moore is able to not only increase the size of your penis, but he can also deal with a variety of other penile issues and conditions. His approachable and understanding nature will ensure you feel comfortable to discuss even the most sensitive of issues.

If you would like to arrange a consult with A/Prof Colin Moore contact his clinic for a confidential chat on 0414 251 234.


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