When I got my implants years ago I didn’t do enough research. I did a bit, but not really on the actual implants. Since then, I’ve started working in the industry and realise how important it is for patients to know what they’re putting in their body and what surgeon they are trusting to do this.

Information Nights

That’s me in the middle!

I recently attended an information Night at Brisbane Plastic Surgery where Plastic Surgeon Dr Phil Richardson spoke about breast surgery and Motiva implants. I was really interested in hearing from Dr Richardson and why he had joined the Motiva bandwagon.

When we arrived at the event it had a fantastic feel and buzz with lots of inquisitive people engaging in great conversation. There was a massive platter of food and fantastic wine selection. Everyone mingled, drank and ate and the staff from Brisbane Plastic Surgery went around chatting and handed out raffle tickets to a huge selection of amazing prizes.

information Nights

There was SO much great info at Dr Richardson’s info night

Then we got to the business end of the evening and sat down. Dr Richardson went through a lot of information and pictures on a tv screen including the most commonly asked questions from patients. He really gave us a lot of information and I got a whole new outlook on breast implants and explant surgery. There were questions about Medicare and a lot of helpful information for the many patients attending the evening.

Dr Richardson was really lovely, funny and engaging and happy to answer any questions that anyone had. It was a really fun night and I learnt a lot about plastic surgery and a lot to do with the Medicare side of surgery which was really helpful.

Information Nights

Dr Richardson was so down-to-earth and approachable. Here I am in the middle with him and Trish on the far right.

Nurse Keren got up and spoke a lot about injectables – the do’s and don’t’s and a lot of non-surgical information. There was also a representative from Motiva Implants who spoke about why Motiva are so passionate about their implants, and it was nice to see a face behind a product that I’ve heard so much about. Motiva are genuinely passionate about patient safety and giving women what they want when it comes to implants so that was really interesting.

Thanks for having me Brisbane Plastic Surgery and Motiva for a wonderful, fun night. I would suggest to every patient considering any sort of surgery to get along to as many surgeon information nights as possible. Most of them are free, and those that aren’t don’t cost much. They are really an important and super informative way to learn more about the surgeon and the procedure that you are going to have.

To learn more about why Dr Richardson loves Motiva implants check out Trish’s interview with him .


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