Cosmetic Injectables are offered in just about every beauty clinic, surgeon’s office and medispa around the country. Anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers are two of the most popular procedures for facial rejuvenation and anti-ageing and more and more people are giving them a go, many making them a part of their regular beauty routine. But do you know exactly what you’re getting injected into your face and body?

What’s the difference between anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers and the other injectables on the market?

One of the first things to wrap your head around is that there are different types of injectables that do different things, ie. anti-wrinkle injections are different to dermal fillers and so on. We wrote a great article on exactly this earlier this year and we suggest you read it to know exactly what the different types of cosmetic injectables are, how they work and what the benefits and risks of each are. However, something else to keep in mind is that there are different grades or types of each of these injectables, with different ingredients and quality of products. So you want to know what you’re paying for – those cheap injections could be just that – lower grade, cheap ingredients. Mmmm… is that how they can be offered at such reduced prices? This is where patient safety takes a giant hit. These “cut price practitioners” could actually be playing with patient safety, and in some cases – their lives, in order to take advantage of the injectables boom and those patients who may not be able to afford injectables otherwise.

The Cosmetic Physician’s College of Australia (CPCA), which is the body representing registered medical practitioners who practise non or minimally invasive cosmetic medicine, have recently commented on the influx of non-approved injectables into Australia and the subsequent patient safety issues. Dr Michael Molton, President of the CPCA says in their August Press Release “The illegal importation of these Schedule 4 drugs for cosmetic use is happening now all over Australia, with potentially dire consequences.”


Once again, it comes down to patient’s showing due diligence when choosing a practitioner and making sure you know exactly what training and experience your practitioner has, and also knowing what type of injectable they use and making sure that it is an approved Australian distributed product.

How do you find out if your practitioner is using an approved Australian distributed product?

You need to ask them. You can also search the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) on the TGA website.

Of course, fully qualified and experienced practitioners, with patient safety as their main concern, will always try to use the best, safest and most effective product they can find; so again, choosing your practitioner is the most important thing you can do – not choosing the one who is doing the procedure for the lowest price. Dr Molton says, “It is vital to know what experience they have, how long they have been doing this for and do they have the knowledge and skills to firstly prevent or secondly manage any complications.”
Most of us have heard about the complications that can occur and there has been much media attention recently on those patients who have been subjected to dodgy practitioners. Make sure you’re not one of them. Do your homework. Understand that while cosmetic injectables are non-surgical, they are still a medical procedure and things can and do go wrong – so you want to lessen the likelihood of that happening to you!

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