Interplast are an absolutely amazing organisation who send medical teams led by our awesome Aussie plastic surgeons to the Asia Pacific region to change the lives of children and adults who would otherwise not get the treatment they need. Interplast provide the resources, and our surgeons, anesthetists, nurses and other essential staff volunteer their time to help operate on children with cleft lips of facial tumours, adults with burns affecting their ability to work and function and so many other patients for whom plastic and reconstructive surgery is the only way they can finally live a normal life.

Dr Damian Marucci & Interplast

We try to support Interplast as much as we can on the Hub, so wanted to share their latest video with you about why they are such a worthy cause to donate to.

Check out this great video of Interplast’s work that changes futures across the Asia Pacific. To DONATE, click HERE.

For more information on Interplast check out their website or you can read the blogs below:

My Work With Interplast as a Plastic Surgeon

What is Interplast? (my video interview with Prue Ingram, CEO of Interplast)


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