Plastic Surgery Hub (PSH): We’re here today with Dr Patrick Trevidic; he’s a plastic surgeon in France, and also a lecturer at a lot of schools in Europe on medicine and surgery. We’re talking to him today and will ask him some questions about his non surgical techniques and what makes the industry so great.

So, Dr Trevidic, we’re talking about regulations in Australia at the moment. There’s a lot of things coming up with the Medical Board regulating the industry. Can you tell us a little bit about the regulations in the industry in Europe?

Dr Trevidic: We have strong regulation and I think it will be the same in Australia. So first, the regulation is with the products because we are just allowed to use the products that are safe and reliable, so the regulation rules tends to be more and more strict for the company. And, on the other side, also regulation for the doctors will increase with time. So we need to be more prepared to have the consent form with the patient to give very good information. So this is what we learn more and more, is to be safe and reliable because we know it is what the patient expects and it is also something that is very important for us because the patient will come only if the products are reliable and the doctor is reliable.

PSH: So as a consumer, are there any questions they should ask to make sure they are in the right hands – someone who is going to make sure their safety is covered, they know what they are doing, they’re not going to inject in the wrong spot?

Dr Trevidic: I always tell my patients that if a surgeon or doctor says, “I’m sure 100%” you take your belongings and you go away very fast. So there is – I think in my point of view – no doctors without any (adverse results)? But to know where is the good doctors I think their reputation and what you hear from your relatives or your friends… this is good. And I think you need to ask also your doctor… is he (or she) trained. Moreover is also to ask your doctor what will he (or she) do and what he (or she) will inject. This is very important. And to keep (track) of what he (or she) has injected because perhaps it will not be important when you start but perhaps four or five years after it will be useful to have this advice.

PSH: And I think it’s good for yourself to know exactly what you’ve had done.

Dr Trevidic: Yes yes, exactly. It’s what the plastic surgeons do with breast implants. They always give advice of the implants for the patient because we know they will keep that for ten years, or twelve years, or fifteen years, so it’s very important.

PSH: Yes, of course. So, I’ve noticed a change in the few years that I’ve been involved in the industry, just the changes have happened so quickly, do you think we’ve just scratched the surface with what’s going to be able to be done in laser and non-surgical beauty?

Dr Trevidic: You know, when we look at what we do right now, 10 years ago, 15 years ago we were just doing surgery. And then we discovered aesthetic dermatology so we moved to this field and we see that in this field there are a lot of very good things so perhaps the next step will be you know, I don’t know, tissue regenerating or we could possibly produce with stem cells something, so you can pick perhaps some cells somewhere and create new tissue in another place. But you know it’s like always the day before the big event… you don’t know the big event will happen; so perhaps tomorrow all our work could be scratched downstairs because we will discover something like a peel or a cream, and we will be retired you know, perhaps we go to the Gold Coast..!

PSH: Thank you so much!

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