At Cosmetex 2015, we caught up with Mel Don from Cryomed, to talk about the fantastic Secret Radio Frequency device, which is for skin lifting, skin tightening, and skin rejuvenation. Here’s what she had to say.

PSH: Today we’re here with Mel Don from Cryomed. And we’re going to talk to Mel about this Secret Radio Frequency System which is a fractional micro needle radio frequency system which is designed specifically for skin lifting, tightening and rejuvenation.

So Mel, can you give us an example for our readers, what does this device offer?

MEL: This device enables you to stimulate collagen. So what we’re doing is really addressing wrinkles and acne, surgical scars, also creating tightening. So, by heating the deep dermis of the skin we actually stimulate the body’s response to stimulate its own collagen.

PSH: Ok. And it’s bipolar radio frequency. Can you tell us what that actually is?

MEL: Yup. Bipolar radio frequency is electrical energy that actually enters the skin and then returns out of the skin back to the machine. So, literally it’s a heating device once again.

PSH: So there’s no need for the little patches or anything like that.

MEL: No. It’s very safe. RF technology has been used for hundreds of years in medicine so very, very safe.

PSH: Now, what clinical indications does it actually treat? So skin lifting, skin tightening?

MEL: Yeah. So wrinkle reduction, stimulating of collagen for repairing of acne scars, surgical scars, skin tightening and just general resurfacing and anti ageing.

PSH: Ok, and can it be used anywhere on the body?

MEL: Anywhere on the body so really good for post baby “crepy” tummies and give that a nice tightening and lifting experience but also any scars, stretch marks. We also use it for hypohydrosis, or sweating under the armpits – very effective with that for long term or permanent reduction in that.

PSH: Ok. And what does it feel like? Like is it really painful? I know most people think, you know, anything laser devices, is painful.

MEL: Look, it’s really quite tolerable and it should be tolerable and the clinicians are trained to enable it to be tolerable; so if the patient has a low pain threshold we can change the settings so it’s a tolerable procedure. Topical anesthetic is applied prior to the procedure for an hour and then there is a cooler device that we use in addition if it is needed. So the patient controls that and it should be a tolerable procedure.

PSH: Ok, and is there much downtime like it’s like something that you’re gonna need couple of days off work, or what you’re gonna look like..?

MEL: Good question. There’s no social downtime at all. So immediately after the treatment you’ve got redness, little bit of swelling but that settles over the next, say, 3 hours. So the worst time is immediately post and then it calms down. You might get a little bit of redness the next day, maybe a little bit of swelling, skin will feel a little bit dry but there’s no social downtime. Most people resume work or normal activities. You can put makeup on straight away, and put it on the next day.

PSH: So anywhere on the body wouldn’t matter. If it’s on your face you might need to put a little bit of makeup the next day to cover up?

MEL: Yeah… Some people you can’t even tell they’ve had a treatment.

PSH: Wow, ok.

MEL: Everybody responds differently but generally, the worst case scenario is there is no downtime.

PSH: Ok, alright. And, when can you expect to see the result? Like is it instant or does it gets better over time?

MEL: It definitely improves over time and it will improve up to 12 months after one treatment, but you do see your initial response within about 4 weeks. I would say to a client three months is the sweet spot. But definitely within 4 weeks you see an improvement and it continues to improve overtime.

PSH: Ok. And do you need more than one treatment?

Depends on the clinical indication on what we are treating but normally I would suggest three to five treatments, spaced every month.

PSH: Ok, it’s a sort of the one treatment, if you need another one it stops on another one before and it goes on like that. Is there a maintenance program, as well?

MEL: Once again, it depends on the patient and what we’re dealing with, but I would recommend on a general sense, 3 to 5 treatments initially then one every, say, 6 to 12 months. Definitely you want to retreat within the 12 months period to keep that collagen train happening.

PSH: Yup, ok, great! And just the last question, what’s the cost of per treatment? Like I know varies everywhere but a rough estimated cost?

MEL: Most clinics are charging $650 a face. Necks are around about $400 or if you get it all together it’s a bit cheaper. Typically, around $650 a face.

PSH: I think I have one more question. Who do you think this treatment is best for? Like is there anyone that shouldn’t have it?

MEL: No, anyone! Anyone, it’s a great anti-ageing tool. So, obviously the demographic who get a lot of benefit are 40 year olds onwards but any demographic can have it. It’s great preventative maintenance for younger age groups.

PSH: You didn’t say 4 year olds?

MEL: 40.

PSH: 40. I was like, ok..!!

MEL: Yeah. So even younger women in their 20s, 30s it’s a great way to keep that body clicking in with more collagen.

PSH: Or men?

MEL: Oh men? Absolutely!

PSH: Excellent! Alright. So if you’re feeling like you need a little bit of a zshuz up maybe the secret RF is what you’re looking for. So if you are looking for a practitioner that actually has this device, if you just click the “find your clinic “tab at the bottom or you can send us an email to

Thanks Mel!

MEL: You’re welcome!

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