I constantly get requests to help improve the smile and aesthetics of people’s teeth. Obviously it is part of my job, but I then ask why.

The 3 most common answers are

  1. Due to wanting to have that “Perfect smile” for that special event like a wedding.
  2. Just don’t like the way my teeth look.
  3. Need to get a job.

I thought I would explore the idea of whether having an imperfect smile could get in the way of your success.

Could having a perfect smile equate to being well dressed? According to American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, October 2014 vol 146, people with nice straight teeth and an aesthetic smile are considered more intelligent and more likely to get a job compared to those with crooked teeth. In another research paper British Dental Journal 204. E9 (2008) they showed that “people make judgements about individuals based on dental appearance, and that teeth that appear whitened elicit preferable judgements in comparison to normal enamel”.

It has been commonly known that attractive people enjoy numerous social benefits because of their beauty. It is also known that the appearance of the smile and teeth are important features in determining the attractiveness of the face.

Therefore having whiter teeth and beautiful straight teeth may in fact help you in life as well as get you a job or further promotion.

Dr Michael Leong

Dr Michael Leong is a Cosmetic Dentist in Carseldine, QLD. He is the owner and principle dentist at Just Dental Care.

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