Trish Hammond: Great. Well I’m here today with Kerry, Kerry Lynch who’s from North Coast Medispa. They’re based in Lismore and they’re also based in Ballina and there’s a dermatologist onboard as well. Kerry’s a nurse practitioner who’s in charge of all of the non-surgical treatments that they do.

Welcome, Kerry.

Kerry Lynch: Good morning, Trish.

Trish Hammond: Nice to speak to you.

Kerry Lynch: Yes, good morning.

Trish Hammond: I’ve been having lots of questions from our community about Belkyra, or Kybella as it’s called in the US, which I know you’re not allowed to mention the name because it’s an S4 drug, but it’s the injectable for reducing fat under the chin and everyone’s pretty excited by it. I know some people that have had it done have been really happy and there are some that are waiting for their second treatment, but can you just give us a bit of a rundown for the average person out there who doesn’t know what it is and tell us what it is and what it’s good for?

Kerry Lynch: Sure. The results with this treatment is similar to liposuction when you have fat removed from under the chin. It’s not an invasive surgical procedure and so has less downtime which is what makes it more achievable for a lot of people. It’s also got a knock-on effect of reducing those early jowls and giving a more chiselled look to the jawline. There’s a huge demand for a non-surgical option to improve the fullness of the chin and lots of people are making inquiries about it.

Trish Hammond: How does it remove the fullness? Okay, so basically kind of gets rid of the fat pad underneath the chin, yeah?

Kerry Lynch: Yeah, we use a series of injections into the submental area. The product that we use is a TGA approved product, the first one available in Australia, and it dissolves the fat so the fat cells dissolve over a period of time.

Sometimes it can take a series of treatments. We need to have them six weeks apart so usually we’re doing it in a two-block period of six weeks and then six weeks. You can have increased swelling for the first 48 to 72 hours, and after that period it breaks down the fatty deposits under the chin.

Trish Hammond: Is it one of those things that you can’t go out for a few days after you have it done?

Kerry Lynch: Look, depending. There’s always a risk associated with having the treatment, there’s a risk of bruising. Look, if you could get a day or two off work I think that would be awesome, which is why our Friday’s are really busy. Keep some ice and a scarf wrapped around, but after that it’s pretty well back to work.

Trish Hammond: Okay. I’ve actually seen it being done but I’ll get you to explain it. So say for example I’m coming in to get it done, are you going to inject under my chin with some numbing stuff, with anaesthetic? Sorry.

Kerry Lynch: Yeah. Look, we’ve got a three-step process which we use. We use a numbing cream first of all just to make the injections not as painful. We leave that on for about 20 minutes. We also use local anaesthetic. We’re lucky here at the Skin Clinic. We’ve got a doctor here with us so we can use our local anaesthetic.

Again, there’s always a risk of some swelling, bruising, which may occur, but it’s certainly less painful. I have seen it done with just ice and it’s quite painful without the numbing.

Trish Hammond: Okay, so you use numbing cream but you don’t use the local injection at all?

Kerry Lynch: I use both.

Trish Hammond: Oh cool. So that means-

Kerry Lynch: Yeah, so I use the numbing cream first. That gives me time to do all the paperwork and everything I need to do, and then we use the injections.

Trish Hammond: Oh great, ’cause if there’s one thing I’ve heard is the fact that it’s really painful is what we’ve heard, so basically if you have the local injection it’s not going to hurt, is it? You’re not going to feel anything. Is that right?

Kerry Lynch: Look, I wouldn’t say you don’t feel anything. Some people experience a little bit of uncomfortableness towards the end of the treatment, but it’s nothing that’s not tolerable. After the treatment we apply ice packs and offer you some Panadol as well, but yeah, very minimal discomfort.

Trish Hammond: How long does the treatment take?

Kerry Lynch: We don’t like to rush. The actual treatment of injecting takes us about 10 minutes, but you’re with us for about an hour, hour and a half in total.

Trish Hammond: Okay, and you have to come … like it definitely won’t get rid of it in one treatment, or have there been cases where it has maybe?

Kerry Lynch: Look, no. They’ve suggested that when we’re doing our assessments with our clients that we do let them know that definitely a two-step approach to achieve the best results.

Trish Hammond: Yeah. Okay, cool. If it’s fat dissolving, can you use it on other parts of the body, or it’s not approved for that, or it’s coming?

Kerry Lynch: Okay, the product that we’re using here in the clinic is TGA approved to reduce the appearance of submental fat. That’s the only indication for it at this stage. I do believe that it could possibly be used off label in other areas and I believe that that’s where it will go in the future, but just for now the product that we’re using is TGA approved only for the submental fullness.

Trish Hammond: Yeah, right, ’cause I remember years ago I had, I think it was called Meso injections or something on my hips to try and, or my thighs, sorry, to try and reduce them and it didn’t actually work at that stage, or maybe I didn’t notice a difference. Is it similar to that? What is it that’s in it that makes it work? Do you know?

Kerry Lynch: Yeah, there’s an ingredient … I’m not sure that I’m allowed to say it, I think I am, Deoxycholic acid, which has an effect on the fat cells by destroying them. The product that we use also has a secondary effect where it does a little bit of tightening as well. I believe the company’s doing some studies on that so we can talk more about that a bit further, but what they’re seeing with the treatments that they’re doing now is that it does dissolve the fat and it does give that added tightening effect as well.

Trish Hammond: Okay, great, and the question that everybody’s been asking, how much is it?

Kerry Lynch: Yeah, in our clinic we charge 2,400 for two vials for your first treatment and two vials for your second treatment. We’re staying pretty competitive with the market and I believe you can pay up to 3,000 for the same treatment. We do like the clients to commit to that two-part series so that they can get the best result. Certainly if you were to just have the one treatment you would get some result, but it’s not going to be the complete package so you’re not going to be 100% happy with the result, and we certainly wouldn’t be happy if you weren’t 100% happy with that.

Trish Hammond: With that treatment, if you come twice and get it done do you …? Oh, hang on, what was I going to ask you? It was a really good question. I was like, “Oh I got to ask this one.” So you come twice, make the commitment to get it done. Oh yeah, you know when you get liposuction, well, when you get liposuction, the fat just disappears and dissolves and doesn’t come back, is this the same or can you put on weight and the injections will come back?

Kerry Lynch: Exactly the same with liposuction. So if you have liposuction and the fat’s gone, if you put on weight new fat cells will develop. The fat cells that are there, they’re dissolved 100%, the same result you will achieve with the liposuction.

Trish Hammond: Yeah, and one thing that appealed to me, because I mean I’ve definitely got a bit of fat down there, but I was worried about my skin ’cause I’m over 50. I thought, well if I get it done, isn’t my skin going to be loose? So you’re saying it’s got some skin tightening properties as well?

Kerry Lynch: Yeah. The company that’s released this product are doing some studies. They’re finding that it does have a secondary response with skin elasticity in that it does tighten as a secondary response. How long that lasts we don’t know, we just have to wait and see.

The product we’re using has only been used in Australia for six months and so far the results are outstanding, so we can’t wait to see future studies on this product.

Trish Hammond: Yeah. I’m looking at a before and after here and one thing I do notice is the jaw, it kind of seems to chisel the jaw a bit. Is that right? Would that be with everyone?

Kerry Lynch: Yes, it gives a more chiselled defined look. So for the men it brings back that really nice chiselled jawline, for the women it also helps with some of that early jowling that you get near the jawline there.

Trish Hammond: Okay. One last question. Say for example I’m going to come and get it done. I’ll get it done on a Friday so that I can recover over the weekend, will I notice a difference straightaway, or does it takes six weeks …? Once the swelling goes down, will I notice a difference straightaway or will that happen over time?

Kerry Lynch: No, it happens over a period of time. So far with the girls I’ve treated, around the three-week mark they start to notice the fat cells breaking down. For the first three weeks it just feels like a big lump of cement is how it’s been explained to me. I haven’t had it done myself but I’m very keen to get in there. And then after three weeks it starts to break down, so definitely seeing results by four weeks and then back at six for your second treatment.

Trish Hammond: Okay, so three months and you’re done. No downtime.

Kerry Lynch: You’re done, no downtime, just a weekend perhaps. You don’t even have to do that. I’ve had girls that have the treatment and go straight back to work.

Trish Hammond: Yeah right. If you wanted to could you wear a compression garment or it doesn’t make no difference?

Kerry Lynch: It doesn’t make any difference. Perhaps a scarf if you wanted to cover the area.

Trish Hammond: Oh yeah, that’s a good idea. All right, well I don’t think I’ve got any other questions. Do you think there’s anything else that our people should know that we haven’t?

Kerry Lynch: I think just to be aware of the brands that are available in Australia. Do your research, have a look and make sure. My advice on having seen it done with and without anaesthetic, I would definitely not touch a patient without anaesthetic unless there was some medical reason not to do so.

Trish Hammond: I agree with you ’cause I’ve heard so many people say it was just really painful, but with a local at least that’s going to reduce the rate. So you do have to be, well, you have to be careful where you go because not everybody is allowed to give locals.

So yeah, you’re right, do your research. The practitioner that you go to, I know for a fact that the company trains everyone like almost over the top in these procedures, so pretty much everyone who does the actual product that we’re talking about, which you’re not allowed to mention, which is called Belkyra, that company provides lots of training. Do you think the consumer can be pretty sure that everyone that’s out there doing the proper injections would be trained in it?

Kerry Lynch: Yeah, absolutely. The company that supplies the product have been really fastidious with the training that they’ve offered. Yeah, I wouldn’t think that anybody would have this product without having the required training.

Trish Hammond: Yeah, ’cause I remember when it first came out as well, that they were only doing it in certain portions to be able to train everyone at the same time and not just sell the product and have anyone out there doing it. They were really meticulous-

Kerry Lynch: Exactly.

Trish Hammond: in the process of launch as well, which was really reassuring.

Kerry Lynch: That’s exactly right, because everyone required training. They couldn’t roll it out to every area at once, which has been good. They’ve also done lots of training sessions in the cities which a lot of practitioners have attended, as well as in clinic training their facilitators and trainers and doctors.

Trish Hammond: Yeah, that’s great. That’s so good. Sorry, one last question: when can I book in?

Kerry Lynch: When can you book in? I’d love to see you, Trish. We do our injections up here in the clinic on Tuesdays, Thursday and Fridays, so you’re welcome to come. I’d love to pop you through, Trish.

Trish Hammond: I will, I will, I’ll definitely see you. Well thank you so much, Kerry, for taking the time today.

Kerry Lynch: You’re welcome. Have a good day.

Trish Hammond: Thank you, and you listeners out there, if you really want a fantastic injector who’s based in Northern Rivers, people come down from the Gold Coast, people come up from Grafton or wherever, but Kerry is one of those amazing injectors. I always see her at the conferences so she’s always about continuous improvement, she’s always about learning the latest things, and you can rest assured that you go to Kerry and you’re going to be looked after, ’cause I’ve sent a few people there and everybody raves about you, Kerry. So thank you so much.

Kerry Lynch: Oh thank you.

Trish Hammond: Pleasure. So, Ballina and Lismore. If you want to, you can just drop us an email to, or otherwise you can look up

Kerry Lynch: Okay. Thank you, Trish.

Trish Hammond: Thanks, Kerry. Bye.

Kerry Lynch: Bye.

To read more about Belkyra at North Coast Medispa check out this blog:
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To arrange a consultation or book an appointment with Kerry or any of the team at North Coast Medispa phone 1800 186 333.


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