As most of you would be aware, we have started including Cosmetic Dentistry as part of our directory and content for the website. We have received such a great response and loads of enquiries from people with stories about how fixing teeth issues can be such an important part of improving your appearance and confidence. One of the dentists we have come across that receives rave reviews from his patients is Dr Valence Roberts from BC Dental. When we put the call out we had several happy patients offer to tell us their story.

One of those stories is Kristal’s. She says, “I had a front tooth that had become discoloured after a fall when I was 11. The fall caused one of my front teeth to snap in half and the other to cut off blood supply and turn dark immediately. I had the broken tooth capped by the dental van when I was young and was never really happy, as the cap was slightly crooked. I had been looking at the tooth in the mirror for nearly twenty years and hated it. I had many people make comments about it over the years and it always made me feel about the size of a pea.”

Not being completely happy about your smile can have a domino effect on your confidence and your moods. It is scientifically proven that the more your mouth makes a smile, the happier you actually are.

So how did Kristal come to find her cosmetic dentist and what was it that finally motivated her to have the work done? “When I was told that we would be opening our new clinic in Beaumaris above a dentist I was wrapped. Finding the time to see a Dentist when you work full time can be difficult. Also a few years prior I had a very bad experience with what turned out to be an unlicensed dentist and was scarred from the experience. If I couldn’t trust a dentist to get a filling right, how could I trust them to fix my front teeth?

The first day we moved into the new clinic it just so happened that Caron and Valance happened to be closing up and walking down when I was on my way down to the car for some more equipment. I introduced myself to them and them to me. Caron happened to make a joke that I should come and visit them, pointing out my darkened tooth to Dr Val. We all laughed and I admitted that I had already decided to do so once we were set up. That was the beginning of my journey with BC Dental.”

We ask Kristal what was involved in her experience and to give us a bit of a step by step of her part in the whole process of having her tooth fixed from beginning to end. Kristal says, “I booked myself in for the initial “Smile Consult” with Dr Val, which was a comprehensive analysis of all my dental wishes to give me the smile I have always wanted.

I am lucky enough to be blessed with reasonably straight teeth and never have needed work in this area. My main concerns were some possible holes in my teeth, the tooth that had been damaged by the unqualified dentist and the crooked cap/dark tooth in the front.

“Dr Val went through everything on my patient form about my health and history. We talked about my wishes for my teeth, looked at the images I had brought in and went through what he could see in the pictures and X-rays. Dr Val showed me close up pictures of individual teeth and they work they needed completed. We then went through a treatment plan and a time frame, based on having it all completed by my wedding in the October. The lovely Jordana was also present the whole time helping to take care of me, chatting and laughing. I found the whole environment so different to anything I had experienced before. It was clean but not clinical, professional but homely at the same time. I felt completely comfortable and my worries from past experiences drifted swiftly away.”

Kristal had the same concerns as the rest of us when it comes to any dentistry work – the expense. So many of us hold off having any dental work done because we think we can’t afford it, or it isn’t a priority to finance, what with so many other expenses in daily life. We wonder if this is actually an excuse we amplify due to our fear of the pain and discomfort factor we think we will be subjected to when we visit the dentist. Either way, dental work can be expensive. We asked Kristal how she dealt with this side of it.

“I was pleasantly surprised to find out the BC Dental had a payment plan that allowed me to bill all my dentistry together and pay it off over a two year period with no interest. I was sold immediately and booked in for everything I needed. If this had been a case of pay as you go this whole process would have taken me a lot longer to do.”

Sometimes things do not always go to plan. However, you can definitely minimise your chances of anything going wrong by choosing a great practitioner to do your work. So we asked Kristal if everything went smoothly, or were there any unexpected trials or hurdles along the way. “Most of the procedures went without a hitch and Dr Val always tried to get as much done as possible in a session. By this stage I had brought my fiancé in to have a consult with Dr Val as he too had a black front tooth and some teeth that needed seals/fillings. So we had all our appointments together one after the other. My dark front tooth had to be internally bleached due to the type of damage it had sustained many years before. In order for this to happen the back of my tooth had to be drilled open, the gradual bleaching solution was placed inside and a temporary seal was placed back over the back. This seal was course and felt uncomfortable from the start, but I knew this would be the case as was explained to me before the procedure. I was told to be very careful eating and chewing not to knock the seal off and that I would be back in two weeks for a check up, another round of bleaching and a proper seal. About a week after I was eating lunch with a friend on a Sunday and I felt something unusual in my chewing. I discreetly spat out my food to find the light blue seal in my food. I licked the back of my tooth, felt the hole and knew immediately what had happened.

“I called the surgery and I was panicking a little bit as I did not want anything to get into my tooth. When I didn’t get through, I called Caron on her mobile, went through what had happened and told me she would investigate and call me straight back. Dr Val was away at this time and so his father Dr Carlo said he would come in straight away if I could meet him there and fix the issue. I could not believe that this man would come in on a Sunday just for me – what a family!! Not only had he come in, but Caron had come in to be his dental assistant! They were at a family lunch and had left to come and rescue me!! He placed more bleach in the tooth and replaced the seal. My savour!

“A week later I met with Dr Val who assessed the situation with the front tooth and completed the rest of my works. By this time my fiancés work had also been completed and we were leaving with beautiful straight, clean, white teeth! We are both so happy!”

When we asked Kristal to look back at her journey and to consider if there was anything she would have done differently, or any advice that you have for anyone looking at a similar procedure she says, “I would not change a single thing, I could not have asked for better care or a better outcome! As mentioned Dr Val completed the bulk of my work, however I did have one session with Dr Carlo as well. They went above and beyond at every turn to make sure that my fiancé and I were well taken care of. Dr Val was so brilliant that I cannot imagine ever seeing anyone else now. Even now I still look in the mirror at my teeth all the time. I am happy to smile now, knowing that my teeth look brilliant all the time!”

As with any procedure to change or improve your appearance, the real test can often be how your family and friends react. Kristal says, “I never really knew how much people noticed my front teeth before, until after the work when everyone was commenting on how nice my teeth looked. My family were so impressed that my father who also had a darkened side tooth and some misaligned teeth went to see Dr Val. He too now has a beautiful straight, white smile that he is so happy with. I now recommend everyone I know to go there! Thank you so much BC Dental, but especially Dr Val for making my dental journey so easy and pleasant, there will never be enough words to express how much of a difference it has made to my life!”

Well, we think Kristal and her husband look amazing, and congratulations Kristal on your recent wedding!

If you would like more information on Invisalign or any other cosmetic dentistry procedures click here.

If you are in Victoria and would like more information about BC Dental you can see their listing here, or phone them directly on 03 9589 2675.


Trish is a plastic surgery blogger. She is passionate about wellbeing, health and beauty, and doesn't mind a little bit of 'help' from the amazing cosmetic and beauty procedures that are available today. Trish spends her days talking to women and men who are looking for suggestions and advice on procedures that are available to them. Cutting through the sales pitch and hype, a down-to-earth response on general information is what you will get.

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