If you still believe that laser hair removal is only for those with lighter skin you need to get with the program! Laser hair removal has come a long way and there are now some super lasers with extraordinary powers to take body hair out of our lives forevermore. OK, so maybe that’s a little OTT, but you’ve got to admit, not having to shave or wax again in your life is a VERY exciting prospect. I want to tell you about the Motus AX, because it’s changing the way we think about laser hair removal.

Comfortable Laser Hair Removal For Everyone – YES, it IS possible!

You’ve probably heard the saying that laser hair removal is like having a rubber band flicked against your skin over and over, well that’s not the case with the Motus AX. Available through High Tech Medical (renowned for their innovative devices) and made by Europe’s number one laser manufacturer Deka, the Motus AX is different for a few reasons.

Firstly, while Motus AX uses the gold-standard Alexandrite laser wavelength, which is highly targeted towards the melanin pigment in our hair and skin, it delivers the laser energy to the skin in a completely different way to other Alexandrite lasers. Firstly, the laser handpiece is in constant contact with the skin so most of the energy makes it to the hair follicle. Most other Alexandrite lasers fire from above the skin and lose a large amount of energy through the light reflecting off the skin. To compensate other lasers need to work at higher energy to achieve a treatment effect, and thus cause more discomfort.

Secondly, Motus AX can emit laser pulses at a faster rate than traditional Alexandrite lasers. In the time a normal Alexandrite laser emits 2 pulses the Motus AX can emit 10. This allows the Motus AX to emit lots of fast, comfortable pulses for a set time in order to achieve the permanent hair reduction. In contrast the traditional laser would be firing a pulse in one spot at a higher energy (and higher pain) before being moved along in a spot-by-spot technique.

The end result is that Motus AX now enables the Alexandrite wavelength to be used on every skin type from light to dark with high levels of comfort and safety.

Basically, the Motus AX is the laser hair removal system of the future. And we’re telling you about it with plenty of time to get hair-free before the really hot weather hits us and we spend half our time in our bikinis (or tankini if you’re like me). If you’d like to find out where you can find a practitioner who uses the Motus AX near you, click here, or if you’re a practitioner thinking about getting the Motus AX in your clinic email us at info@plasticsurgeryhub.com.au or visit the High Tech Medical website.


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