Trish Hammond: I’m here again with Dr. Tahl Humes, and we’re going to be talking about the Pico Genesis, which is a really exciting device. I have no idea what it’s about, but it’s a pretty exciting device, so thank you so much again.
Dr Tahl Humes: Yeah, happy to be here, it’s good to talk with you.

Trish Hammond: Excellent. So tell us about this wonderful device.

Dr Tahl Humes: So Pico Genesis is on the enLighten platform. What is it’s using picosecond pulse duration, so really, really short pulse durations, and using a painting technique to rejuvenate the skin. We are not only shattering the pigment, we’re helping treat melasma without as much heat because it’s photomechanical instead of photothermal. We can get individual benign pigmented lesions, an overall improvement in skin texture and tone, as well as collagen remodelling. There’s so much we can do.

Trish Hammond: Does it work on pigment as well?

Dr Tahl Humes: It does. So we can do benign pigmented lesions. So we can treat you if you have an individual sunspot you don’t like, we can treat that. We can also paint the entire area. And we can break up something like melasma, which is incredibly hard to treat.

Trish Hammond: Okay. So is it really painful?

Dr Tahl Humes: No. It does feel a little bit tingly, but not painful. There’s no downtime. Treatment takes about 15 minutes, sometimes not even that long.

Trish Hammond: So is it something I could get done at lunchtime?

Dr Tahl Humes: Absolutely. You’ll be a little bit pink afterwards, and that’s it. You can put makeup right over it. You don’t have to worry about downtime. You would do a series of maybe two or three treatments spaced out a month apart.

Trish Hammond: All right. So it’s designed to basically brighten as well, doesn’t it?

Dr Tahl Humes: Absolutely.

Trish Hammond: It brightens. Does it produce new collagen, or does it work on …

Dr Tahl Humes: It does. What’s happening is we’re remodelling collagen. So we’re seeing an improvement in acne scarring, we’re seeing improvement in scarring. I’ve seen chemical burns that have improved in tone, meaning that we’ve helped with the colour as well as the texture of that burn. So a lot of different things we’re doing with it right now.

Trish Hammond: All right. So it’s not a one-off treatment, you want to have about three sessions?

Dr Tahl Humes: Two to three.

Trish Hammond: Two to three. Over …

Dr Tahl Humes: Over the course of two to three months. Sort of spacing a month apart.

Trish Hammond: All right. So if you’re having, like if you have a big event coming up, like a wedding or if you just wanna … other bride.

Dr Tahl Humes: There we go, right.

Trish Hammond: Or if you just want to kinda zhoosh yourself up, this is a great way to kinda get all that top stuff off and just get the new skin to regenerate underneath.

Dr Tahl Humes: Absolutely. So what you could do is, let’s say you have an event coming up. You could do one treatment just to brighten up the skin and improve that overall tone and texture, or you could do a series, if you have a condition that is something that needs to be treated that would take longer, like melasma or maybe some scarring.

Trish Hammond: Yeah, right. So I had a treatment done ages ago which gave me the pigmentation, here so that’s perfect for that-

Dr Tahl Humes: Perfect.

Trish Hammond: … Over time, that’ll just break it down.

Dr Tahl Humes: Exactly.

Trish Hammond: All right. And the final right is, what, three months after it’s done, or?

Dr Tahl Humes: Usually I’m seeing it about 10 days after that third one is kinda the final … We see the results faster with this, I think because of the picosecond pulse duration. We see quick result, collagen, as far as collagen remodelling, that might be up to three to six months after, because it does take collagen a little more time.

Trish Hammond: Yeah. Well, that’s good. So it’s not whatever … There’s benefits at the beginning, but then you get even better ones three months down the track, you’re gonna look better.

Dr Tahl Humes: Exactly, exactly. I have patients who were starting to see results one week after their treatments.

Trish Hammond: Yeah, wow. Oh, great. Awesome. Well, thank you again for that.

Dr Tahl Humes: Yes, thank you, it’s great.

Trish Hammond: Lovely. So if you’re looking for a practicer who offers the Pico Genesis treatment, just drop us an email to, or you can just check out on the non-surgery procedure page on the website. Thanks so much.

Dr Tahl Humes: Thank you. Have a great day.

Trish Hammond: Thank you.


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