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Laura had always disliked her saggy, long boobs and finally decided to have a mastopexy or breast lift with Dr Patrick Briggs, Specialist Plastic Surgeon now in Melbourne VIC with Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery. Laura’s only regret was that she didn’t have the surgery sooner. Laura shared her story with us and reminds us why breasts are an important part of every woman’s body and psyche.

Laura says she wasn’t happy with her breasts from a young age. “They have always been saggy, no fullness and an odd shape. In my eyes I had ‘long boobs’ and back when I was a teen, to deal with that was a big thing. I’d buy push-up bra after push-up bra only to wear a coat or jumper over my clothes to hide them because I just hated them.”

Laura had a mastopexy, otherwise known as a breast lift. After researching surgeons Laura went with Dr Patrick Briggs. “My surgeon was the incredible Dr Patrick Briggs. He and his team went above and beyond as far as I’m concerned. Every question I had was answered, no matter how dumb I thought it was. I was told right from the beginning what was realistic and achievable. I was never misled or simply told yes, just so they could get my business.”

Laura says her surgery and pre and post op ran smoothly with no dramas, but she was honest about her recovery. “The first two weeks of Recovery was hard, but remembering I’d just had my breasts cut open, I tried to put it all in perspective. I wasn’t taking it day by day but rather hour by hour… Or at least until the pain medication wore off. I quickly learnt what I could and couldn’t do. There’s no brushing your hair or picking up the cat for a cuddle or even blowing your nose too hard! I really wasn’t allowed to do anything, and I did struggle with that a bit; but I had a great support team around me to help and even when I fell asleep mid conversation, they just had a little laugh and waited for me to wake up.

There’s no set rules or timeline for recovery and everyone does it differently. I’m a pretty cautious person and was able to have a bit longer off work to recovery so I took advantage of it.”

We asked Laura to pass on any advice about her recovery and post-op period. She says, “Be prepared and set your bedroom/recovery area up a few days before you go in. I cannot stress this enough! Having everything you need within reaching distance was a major advantage because you really don’t know how you’re going to feel those first few days.
Also if you can have someone with you the first 24 hours – that’s important too.”

Laura says the one things she wishes is that she’d taken a photo of when she was drawn up (when the surgeon marks your breasts/body to identify where the incisions will be made and work will be done), to see exactly what Dr Briggs was going to do. She says that would have been interesting to have. The only other thing Laura wishes she had have known is how much added anxiety one of the pain medications would give her. “I suffer from anxiety mildly as is, so I took the dose required for three days only, as it was making me feel very uneasy. The pain by then was tolerable but the anxiety from the medication was not. They may not have that effect on everyone but they did on me. I shared this information with Dr Briggs and his staff and they were in full support of me ceasing it as long as I could cope with the pain. I might add that they were more than happy to prescribe me something different if I needed it. Thankfully I didn’t.”

Laura is thrilled with her results and says the only thing she’d do differently if she did it all again would be to have the surgery sooner! “I wish I hadn’t waited so long but life and indecision gets in the way and things get put off. If you have the luxury time and money, I’d urge anyone to have a procedure they have been thinking about and researched well, sooner rather than later. Life is too short and if you can achieve even the smallest amount of happiness within yourself by having surgery, then do it.”

Laura says she feels amazing now, especially in comparison to how she felt before the surgery. “Mentally, concerning my breasts, a million times better! Physically, about the same.
Six months after my surgery, I had a moment while trying on a dress, (sans bra), that I can only describe as a flash of lightning. It was the Ah Ha moment, the reason I went through the pain and anxiety and tears and grossness that made it all worth it. I didn’t tear up or cry, I actually bounced around the changing area, spinning around with a big smile on my face, just beaming. The dress fit how it was supposed to, I didn’t need to wear a bra with it which meant I could actually buy the dress for once.”

We asked Laura how her family and friends reacted to her surgery? “Most people were a little shocked when I told them I was doing it but then as the conversations progressed, they understood that it wasn’t a snap decision for me and that I’d been thinking about it for a very long time. Now most of my female friends/family are super happy and a little jealous about my new boobs.

“I can wear certain clothes I would never have dreamed of before. I feel confident and happy and that’s the important part to me, the happiness I feel when I look at the change in my breasts. It was never about size for me, it’s always been about getting them back up to where they should be hahaha!

As far as changes to my life go, it wasn’t a surgery that I needed to save my life or anything that dramatic, but it has done wonders for my confidence. Without sexualising it in any way, breasts, for most women, are extremely important. From being aesthetically pleasing to look at to feeding a child. They are an incredible asset and a good set do incredible things for our self-esteem.”

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