It’s that time of the year when I start noticing all my skin imperfections on my legs that I’ve mostly hidden during winter with long pants, long skirts, tights and the like. One of the things that seem to get more noticeable each year are the veins on my legs. I get a little stressed for a minute thinking how I must be getting old, but then I remember that there’s a way to get rid of them! I’ve told you about the Excel V by Cutera before, but it’s time for a summer reminder!

What are veins?

There are different types of veins and we all have them. Some are more noticeable than others, especially when they pop up on our face, or on our legs. When we live in a tropical and subtropical environment like Australia where during summer we wear as little clothes as possible, these more noticeable veins can be a real nuisance and cause of embarrassment.

The ones on our face are called facial telangiectasia. These are little capillaries and are usually caused by genetics and too much sun exposure. The ones on our legs are spider veins, blue veins or reticular veins. There are also the larger ones called varicose veins. Varicose veins are best treated by a specialist or vascular surgeon, but the others are completely treatable with the Excel V.

What is the Cutera Excel V?

The Excel V is a laser that works by sending pulses of light energy into the veins causing the blood to coagulate and collapse the vessel or vein which the body then absorbs. The blood flow is redirected to other veins further below the surface of the skin. It’s a simple procedure that immediate results. Depending on the colour and size of the veins, you may require more than one treatment to totally erase all the veins.

The treatment is said to be extremely tolerable, however for patients with a really low pain threshold you can simply have numbing cream applied before the procedure.

So, veins no more! You don’t have to put up with them any longer! The Excel V is available in several clinics around the country so to find one near you just click here.

To see the Excel V in action, check out this video. To read more about the Cutera Excel V including some real stories check out the blogs below:

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