If you’re anything like me – who loves being outdoors and playing in the sunshine then you would know about dreaded sunspots from too much sun.

Now I’m sure you have heard of IPL treatments… IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. IPL is a procedure that performs various skin treatments including hair removal and photorejuvenation.

Today I wanted to introduce you to the LimeLight Facial by Cutera which is obviously an IPL treatment.

This machine is designed specifically to combat sun damage, age spots, skin redness and tiny veins.

With many reviews raving it is the best in the business to treat these symptoms.

The limelight IPL Facial is a medical grade non-invasive treatment that is perfect for the face, neck, decollatege and hands. When the device moves across the skin you can feel some minor pinching and/or a slight stinging sensation but nothing major.


Nina is a TV presenter focusing on beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands and a freelance writer. She is passionate about the welfare of animals, loves to surf, and lives in beautiful Byron Bay.

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