Why not choose a career in a field that is currently booming in Australia? Cosmetic medicine and dermal therapies are growth industries in Australia. Each year, Australians spend over 1 billion dollars in plastic surgery. Careers in the field provide steady employment, good pay and an enjoyable and exciting work experience.

Where can I sign up?

The Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science (AACDS), provides its students with the training needed to start a rewarding career in the field of cosmetic and plastic surgery. They also provide you with career services after graduation in order to help you land that dream job. Don’t miss out on a chance to get involved in one of the largest growth industries in Australia.

What can AACDS offer me?

AACDS offers you the ability to be trained in an intimate setting by top professionals in the field. All competency based practicals provide a 1:2 teacher to student ratio allowing exclusivity to equipment in a simulated cosmetic medical environment. All courses are nationally accredited and are written and delivered by the cosmetic medical and allied professions. This gives you credibility in the industry, as future employers will know that you have received extensive and rigorous training and will not have to spend extra time training you themselves.

AACDS also offers unique and state of the art training opportunities. Here you can find the only nationally accredited courses for cosmetic nursing, putting you ahead of the game with specialty training. You will also have access to the graduate diploma in dermal therapies, which is the highest qualification available recognised by the Australian Qualifications Framework.

Up to Date Training

To be competitive in the aesthetics job market, you must stay up to date on the latest technologies. AACDS provides training on the latest industry devices such as IPLs and Lasers used for skin rejuvenation, hair reduction and tattoo removal. You can also find specialised workshops and training on injectables for dermal therapists and more. All of this current training will place you at the front of the job market. Not only this, they have a student clinic offering all the treatments you will have learned in your studies where you can put your knowledge to the test on paying customers.

After graduation

Once you graduate from an AACDS accredited course, you won’t be left alone to fend for yourself. AACDS offers you connections to the industry and placement opportunities. Recent graduates and alumni are given access to the FREE recruitment website where current medical practices can look for new employees. This unique outreach opportunity, along with your nationally accredited courses and training, will make you stand out from the crowd. Want more information? Visit the website to find out how to sign up for courses!


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