Dr Mark Levi

I’m excited to tell you about a great little venture one of my good friends is involved in on the Central Coast in NSW. It’s a sleep clinic and is headed up by one of Australia’s sleep experts, Dr Mark Levi, who I originally met just over a year ago when I interviewed him about his new treatments for getting a better night’s sleep.

Dr Levi’s Sleep Clinic has opened the doors to it’s Flagship Clinic in Erina Fair on the Central Coast. The Sleep Clinic is the first of its kind in Australia addressing all aspect of Sleep including home sleep testing, diagnosis, treatment options and numerous treatments and machines to address concerns.

Dr Levi’s Sleep Clinic at Erina

The clinic has Sleep Physicians, Dental Sleep Doctors, Sleep Technologists and a whole Sleep Team to treat all sleep related issues including Insomnia, Sleep Apnoea, Snoring, Narcolepsy and many other problems arising from ineffective sleep. The founders decided to make the Central Coast the location for their first flagship Clinic as it is extremely underserviced with regards to any sort of sleep treatments, with a rapidly growing population.

Sleep Apnoea and Sleep issues affect people of all ages, demographics and backgrounds. Stress and today’s pressures of life tend to exacerbate sleep issues.

The clinic was booked a month ahead before opening its doors and is a beautiful, serene space to visit in the middle of bustling Erina Fair Shopping Centre at Erina.

For any of you with any sort of sleep issues, I can highly recommend Dr Mark Levi and his sleep clinics. They helped me!!


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