Maria had always wanted a more rounded, lifted and smooth bum! She wanted to wear a bikini and feel confident from the behind. Maria had known friends abroad who had buttock augmentations and were really happy. As her 40th birthday came and passed, Maria felt it was just a matter of finding the right time, and surgeon, to have it done.

After doing her research Maria found Dr Briggs from WA who could do the intramuscular (Dr Gonzalez method) buttock augmentation surgery she wanted. She wanted saline implants as they are harder than other implants and you don’t have to replace them unless there are complications. Maria found there were not a lot of surgeons who performed this type of buttock augmentation in Australia, so was pleased when she found one who knew what he was talking about, especially one with a great reputation.

Maria says the actual surgery ran smoothly and her recovery was great. Although she does say it was not easy – she expected it to be hard, but it was even harder than she expected.

Maria's Buttock Augmentation

Process for recovery

Maria tells us about her recovery:

“If you lay on your back, you’ll need to have something to elevate your bum. As this procedure is quite common now (at least in Brazil) they give you a piece of thick foam with a hole in the middle. Sleeping on the front was difficult, I could never do it.

The garment you have to wear after surgery keeps it all nice and tight and in place, but this is why you can’t sit on your bum – otherwise it will influence the overall shape.”

Maria had surgery 8 weeks ago and says she has fully recovered. When she sits down she no longer feels any pain or discomfort. At 6 weeks post surgery Maria went to a ladies Hen’s weekend in Bali as a bridesmaid, and wore a bikini… she says none of the other girls could see she’d had it done.

When it comes to the cost of the surgery, even though Maria has health insurance, no part of the surgery was covered. It cost her $14,000. But Maria thinks it was worth every cent and is really happy with her new bum!

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