Stop Press! There’s a skin needling device on the market labelled the “next generation of skin needling”. Besides getting results that patients are raving about, practitioners and clinics are saying the MDerma is easier than any other device on the market to use as well as providing patients with the most comfortable experience ever offered by a skin needling treatment. We decided to do our research on the MDerma to make it easier for you to do yours.

Comparing MDerma with other skin needling devices

When we checked out the performance of the MDerma it does actually stand out. When it comes to speed, depth, the number of micro-injuries per minute (MPM) and Micro-Injuries per second (MPS) the MDerma is ahead of the rest, by quite a fair bit. What does all this mean? Skin or dermal needling works by creating tiny perforations via tiny needles. These are essentially “injuries” to the skin which the skin then wants to heal by producing new collagen.

The MDerma needles are also hollow whereby they can deliver a specially formulated serum called Factor 4 deep into the skin, feeding the cells in the deeper layers allowing an overall regeneration of the skin at all layers. So, having a faster delivery with more micro-injuries will ultimately create a better result. Additionally, it reaches deeper than other devices which allows it to regenerate from the inside of the skin out. However, the depth is adjustable, meaning it can be tailored to suit each individual according to their needs. Practitioners love this flexibility. It is this approach that allows the MDerma to be at the forefront of all skin needling devices on the market.

The design of MDerma is so precise that it can be used in areas not usually suggested for other skin needling devices such as the upper and lower eyes, lips and nose.

MDerma compared with microdermabrasion, chemical peels and laser

Studies into the MDerma skin needling treatment have shown that it is more effective than microdermabrasion or chemical peels, and produces similar results to laser but without the downtime or risks such as overexposure and burning.

What practitioners are saying

Check out these reviews from practitioners on the MDerma website:

“I have been utilising a micro-needling device over the last two years. Recently I was able to try the new tip with the scalloped edge. Wow! Words cannot express how happy I was with the new tip. The scalloped tip glides easily over the skin with no dragging or catching. I also was able to use less HA serum as the product does not get pushed around the skin. This tip by far exceeds my expectations! With this new improved tip the treatment is much more enjoyable for the patient!”

“I have been using dermal needling instruments for many years in our very successful boutique practice in Woollahra. This is the most beautifully designed solid state piece of machinery. The needles just glide over the skin with minimal discomfort and less downtime than anything I have used before. We have now purchased a 2nd handpiece due to the high demand for this fabulous treatment.”

If you’d like to find a practitioner who offers the MDerma and/or Factor 4 in their clinic click here. To read more about Factor 4 check out the blogs below:

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