Michelle SellarsMeet Michelle Sellars; Dr Graham Sellars’ wife, mother, nurse, expert injector and one of the practice managers of Dr Sellars Plastic Surgery Clinic in Sydney.

Originally from Coffs Harbour, Michelle moved to Sydney immediately after completing her HSC to start her nursing degree.

In Sydney, Michelle attended Cumberland College of Health Science, which specialises in health related courses such as nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology, radiography and medical records administration.

“I completed a Diploma of Applied Science in Nursing in 1989. I obtained a Certificate in Operating Suite Nursing at Royal North Shore Hospital in 1992, and upgraded my Diploma to a Bachelor of Applied Science at the University of Technology in 1995”, explains Michelle.

With her training in nursing, we asked Michelle where her motivation to work in cosmetic surgery came from.

“I had no real aspiration to work specifically in cosmetic surgery. My first desire was always to become a theatre nurse. As a child I would watch the ABC program Your Life in their Hands”, Michelle says.

“My mother was also a nurse, and she would tell me great stories of her time in theatre as a student nurse. I was always fascinated by anatomy and the human body, so theatre nursing seemed to be a natural choice. It seemed so exciting, and I couldn’t wait to be a part of it. I loved the adrenaline rush of emergencies and the feeling of being part of a team, which is certainly the case in theatres.”

So, after completing her Theatre Certificate at Royal North Shore (RNS) and gaining a few years experience, Michelle obtained a position of Clinical Nurse Specialist in Neurosurgery and Plastics.

“While working in theatre I met Graham and after marrying in 1996, Graham was accepted into the Australasian Plastic Surgery Training Program. During the course of his training we had 2 boys and moved to various locations in Sydney and also Canberra. After completing training and gaining his Fellowship, Graham began in private practice,” Michelle tells us.

“It was at this time that I was due to go back to my job in theatres at RNS after maternity leave with our second child. We decided perhaps my time would be better spent helping Graham set up and establish his practice. I could work part-time being practice nurse and learning the ropes from other practice managers as to how to run a business, including hiring of staff, software applications, bookkeeping and a range of other office related skills.”

As Dr Graham Sellars’ practice grew Michelle attended various workshops and seminars to gain skills in injectable treatments.

“As a busy surgeon, Graham really wanted to focus on doing what he did best so I was able to take on the role of nurse injector. I really enjoy the one-on-one interaction with clients and especially love the positive feedback from happy patients and clients,” Michelle explains.

As the practice’s nurse injector Michelle does many anti-wrinkle injections for fine lines and dermal filler procedures for facial volume loss. They recently purchased an IPL Laser so Michelle is now also able to offer treatments for pigmentation and facial vascular problems, such as rosacea.

“I am enjoying learning a new skill and the satisfaction of being able to expand our treatment options for clients,” says Michelle.

Michelle also explained that she loves meeting new people and being able to offer patients quality treatments that make a real difference to how they feel about themselves. Showing clients their before and after photos usually always gets a great response.

“I also love managing the office. Being a slight control freak by nature, I love order and organisation, and a well-run office.”

With Michelle’s experience in cosmetic surgery we asked her our usual question saved for all the experts… What advice would you give someone looking to undergo serious cosmetic surgery? Michelle answered:

“Do your research and ensure your surgeon is well trained and qualified to perform the procedure you are undertaking. Don’t google medical information, but invest in a proper consultation with the surgeon, and even get a second or third opinion. Understand that there are always risks to any surgery, and unfortunately complications can occasionally occur.”

If you would like to book a consultation with either Michelle Sellars or Dr Graham Sellars you can call (02) 9473 8577, or visit http://www.plastic-surgery-sydney.com.au/


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