What an amazing opportunity! If you’ve got questions about a particular procedure, or want to check out a few surgeons before you decide who’s going to perform your surgery, you’d be mad not to go to the Cosmetic Surgery for Women’s upcoming Breast, Body and Face Event held every 4-8 weeks.

What: An Information Evening for patients exploring Cosmetic Surgery or Plastic Surgery

Cost: No charge to attend

Where: 759 Burwood Road in Hawthorn East, convenient from many parts of Melbourne and Victoria

When: Thursdays 6.30 pm start until approximately 8.15 pm. Check dates here.

This is a really unique chance to meet and hear the awesome Specialist Plastic Surgeons discuss such topics such as:

  • LEARN more about the latest options for Plastic Surgery/Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Rejuvenation
  • HEAR from prior patients to understand what it’s like to have plastic surgery
  • MEET Specialist Plastic Surgeons in Melbourne and Surgery Patient Care Teams
  • DISCOVER the latest facial injecting methods and laser facial treatments
  • VIEW unique case study photographs of cosmetic surgery results
  • HAVE a chance to win door prizes OR facial vouchers from our Coco Ruby dermal clinicians

If you live in Victoria, we really think you should consider attending this event, especially if you’re considering any sort of procedure, whether it be surgical or non-surgical. Cosmetic Surgery for Women & Aesthetic Surgery for Men have it all covered, and have some of the best plastic surgeons and practitioners in Australia working for them.

You can reserve your spot by clicking here or for more information email me at trish@plasticsurgeryhub.com.au!


Trish is a plastic surgery blogger. She is passionate about wellbeing, health and beauty, and doesn't mind a little bit of 'help' from the amazing cosmetic and beauty procedures that are available today. Trish spends her days talking to women and men who are looking for suggestions and advice on procedures that are available to them. Cutting through the sales pitch and hype, a down-to-earth response on general information is what you will get.

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