Basically, it’s the latest technology for non-surgical facelifts, so we’re using a laser. We’re using four modalities of the Fotona laser and it’s designed to have no downtime. Basically you can go back out, straight out into work.

We start using the laser inside the mouth. It’s called Intraoral, and we use an Erbium laser to work on the muscles and the mucosa inside the mouth. What we’re trying to do is create this lifting effect, so after we’re done inside the mouth, the second mode, we’re using what’s called FRAC 3. We’re actually spiking, spike heating, and tracing over that area.

Then we’re doing some bulk heating after that, and it finishes off then with a superficial peel with the Erbium laser, and it’s just like a light pearl finish to the skin, so it’s very light. It can be customised, obviously, to suit your skin type, my skin type, and we can … There’s adjustments and parameters, obviously, that we can use to customise it to suit … But it’s very, very effective, and you’ll notice the results after the first treatment.

We sell a package of four. We suggest that you have those four weeks apart, and then afterwards six months, every six months … If you just then go and have another treatment. As I said after the first treatment you will notice results right away. You actually feel tightening and can see that bit of a lift in this area. Honestly, it’s the hottest thing at the moment as far as non-surgical face lifting goes.

Obviously, we’d have the doctor check and make sure any melanomas or basal cell, we check that there’s nothing like that in area. But that’s something that we look at obviously in the consultation. Obviously, it is designed for lifting, so it’s as we get older and this all sorts to sag down here. A young person is not going to need it. In saying that, some of my patients are as young as 30. It could just be for their facial shape, they could have lost weight, and they need that … They want that lift. It does smooth out the complexion as well. As far as age limit, no. You can be 80.

Initially we would allow an hour and that’s so that we can consult, take some photographs, and prepare the patient; go through the steps. Then treatments after that 45 minutes, normally it would take. Then we would probably pop them under the heal light afterwards.

If people are interested in having this done, I highly recommend it. Just contact Dr Chang; speak to our lovely practice manager Jane, and book in now.


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