Microdermabrasion has been considered one of the easiest and effective anti aging treatments you can get. It’s even being dubbed as the instant facelift.

If you break it down Microdermabrasion is essentially a powerful machine exfoliation. This machine using tiny fine crystals it sprays and buffs away the surface layer of the skin.

To completely understand how microdermabrasion works its important to understand the science of the skin. The skin is made up of two main layers, epidermis is the top layer and the dermis is the layer underneath. And the thin layer on top of the epidermis that protects it from the outside world is the stratum corneum – this top layer is home to the minor skin problems such as fine lines. So this is where the microdermabrasion takes place.

Now to get to know the complete details about this procedure click here.

But most importantly you should know the affects of microdermabrasion can be great if you use a fully qualified aesthetician – someone who gives facials or other skin care treatments.


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