Scars start to form within 48 hours of a wound closing. It is in this initial 48 hours that most wound infections develop which contribute to the unsightliness of scars and so it is the most important time to care for and look after the wound. Stratamed by Stratpharma was designed specifically for use on non-epithelialized wounds – this basically means you can start using it straight away on fresh incisions and wounds before they even start to close. We take a look at how you can minimise scars with Stratamed.

What is Stratamed?

You will have heard of a few different scar gels and creams, but most of them you have to wait until the wound has closed and then you can apply them. This can take anywhere between a few days to a few weeks. The problem with this is that by the time the wound closes, the scar is already starting to form. Stratamed is a gel that you can use on broken skin and starts to help heal the skin even before the scarring process begins.

One of the great things about Stratamed is the gel forms a thin film or protective layer over the top of the wound which helps protect it from outside bacteria which often causes infections. It is a self-drying, waterproof gel too so you can put your clothes or bandages right over the top without wiping it off. Many surgeons use tapes to put pressure on incisions after surgery, however many patients have allergic reactions to the adhesive in the tape including red, raised and itchy skin. This can adversely affect the scar and make it worse than what it would have been otherwise.

Stratamed contains the only silicone recommended for use on a wound after surgery. It is this silicon that helps soften and flatten the skin, keeping it hydrated and moist allowing it to heal faster, hence reducing the appearance of any scars. Lynne Charisis from Stratpharma explains, “So you want to use something that is going to have the minimal impact in terms of adverse reaction, so, allergies and those sorts of things. And silicon is actually an ingredient that does that – it’s very uncommon for anyone to have a reaction to silicon. But what silicon does, is it helps soften and flatten and keep the skin hydrated and moist so that it’s in the right environment to heal faster. And while it heals faster, you get a better scar outcome. And that’s why you want to start it right from the start, so you don’t have a gap where the skin’s not healing as fast as possible, and can impact the scar outcome that you have. Stratamed is bacteriostatic. And what that means is it helps prevent infections because bacteria can’t get in. It produces the moist wound environment that gives the best healing and the fastest healing. And, by doing that, also helps to minimise the scar that you might get.”

Stratamed is suitable for any kinds of incisions or wounds including fresh incisions, open wounds, any kinds of dermal abrasions or grazes, non-surgical treatments such as chemical peels or first and second degree burns including those caused by a laser treatment. It is completely fine for pregnant and nursing women, and children, as well as those with sensitive skin. Many women use it on their C-section scars.

So, if you’re looking for a gel or cream to minimise your scarring from any sort of plastic or cosmetic surgery or treatment definitely check out Stratamed. You can also purchase it in our Plastic Surgery Hub Shop.


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