My journey started about three years ago really. I started to enjoy sex less, it hurt! To the point where I started to avoid it. This was a pattern for the last few years that I really didn’t think about that much, until it was sexy time and then I thought, “this is going to hurt”.

It got worse and worse and there were times over the last year where I thought I really need to do something about this. It came to a head for me a few months ago. I asked my husband if he would like to have sex and he said No (first time ever). So I asked why and he said “I don’t want to bother you”. This made me sad on a few levels. One, I realised if I did nothing my sexual life was probably over, two, I felt terrible that my lovely husband felt pressing me for sex was probably pressuring me into something I did not want to do and three I did not want to lose that special intimacy that only a fulfilling six life together can give a relationship.

So I decided to do something about it!

I wanted to go to a reputable clinic and I wanted a female doctor and I also wanted a treatment that worked. After some research I decided on Clinic 66 in Chatswood. I knew they did the Mona Lisa Touch treatment and from my research I felt that would be the best and most effective treatment for me.

I arrived at the clinic very trepidatious: was is going to hurt, would it work, would they be gentle?

My fears were pretty much alleviated at the start. The staff were welcoming and friendly, the Clinic felt clinical, medical, not cosmetic and then I met the doctor. Dr Emma was amazing. She asked lots of questions to ascertain my problem, she explained the treatment to me in detail, why she felt it would work well for me and went through the side effects. She showed me images of what happens to the vagina and why after menopause you get atrophy of the vagina and how it can affect you sex life. She went through what she would do, how she would do it, even adding that she had had the treatment herself.

All this plus her very warm and caring persona made me feel in very good hands.

After the consultation we went into a very medical looking treatment area. Emma showed me the equipment and the different handpieces and explained how they work. She also applied some anaesthetic cream to the outside of my vagina as she was going to treat that as well.

The treatment lasted literally all of 5 minutes. I had no pain or discomfort as all. The only painful thing in my mind was having to do the humiliating thing of putting my legs into stirrups (those of us who have had babies knows how that makes you feel). Once I got past that it all happened in a few minutes. Even the area that she put the cream on because it was more sensitive felt nothing.

After the treatment I had some burning for about ½ hour and also burning when I had to wee but that all soon passed.

Wow, got through my first treatment after an anxious start without any problems. I am due for another one in a month and then a third. I will need to have a maintenance treatment once a year to keep my vagina walls strong, this should alleviate any pain in sex, can’t wait to try it out, which I can in five days’ time!

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