If you have been following our posts recently or you have ever visited this page before you would have heard us mention the MonaLisa Touch. And just in case you have been living under some form of a rock you may not have heard of the MonaLisa Touch. No, we are not talking about the famous Leonardo Da Vinci painting; we are in fact talking about the revolutionary, non-surgical, ‘walk in and out of the procedure within 30 minutes’ treatment for vaginal rejuvenation.

We introduced you to Dr Fariba Behnia-Willison in our last article on Mona Lisa Touch. She is a South Australian based gynaecologist and was one of the first doctors in Australia to use the MonaLisa Touch. She has treated well over 3,000 patients with this machine.

Dr Willison explained that she came across the MonaLisa Touch when she was confronted by the case of a 35 year old woman going through menopause because of breast cancer and chemotherapy. This woman was in so much pain both physically and emotionally. Physically because of a lack of oestrogen; and emotionally because although she had a partner who was very supportive, she was unable to enjoy any intimacy due to the pain; so, this woman was asking herself what was the point if you couldn’t have a life with a quality of life?

This is when Dr. Willison, who is also surgically trained, started using the PRP (Platelet Rich Therapy) treatment, but this was still causing a level of pain and discomfort. So when the MonaLisa Touch was released Dr Willison knew this was something revolutionary that she had to be a part of.

“(This technology) is suitable for women of all ages experiencing symptoms related to vaginal atrophy, including; vaginal dryness or itching, urinary urgency and incontinence, burning sensations and irritations of the vagina, fissuring of the vaginal opening, vaginal laxity and pain during intercourse,” explains Dr Willison when asked about the MonaLisa Touch.
“Whilst these symptoms are mostly associated with menopause, younger women can also experience some or all of the symptoms due to prolonged use of the pill, breast cancer, breast-feeding or scarring resulting from childbirth requiring perineal repair.”

So, what is it that makes the MonaLisa Touch such a ground breaking treatment? Why are so many women opting for it and why are so many talking about it?

Dr. Willison explains that there has been nothing quite like it before; a fast procedure with excellent results. Dr. Willison does go on to reiterate that the procedure will work (in most cases) with three visits (and then again 12 months later) as well as a change in lifestyle.

“There is a multitude of things women have to do; no use of soap on the vaginal area, not wearing polyester underpants; tight clothing is no good, plus keeping up with the return visits.” Dr. Willison elaborates.

For a more in depth description of the MonaLisa Touch visit our procedures page.

To learn more Mona Lisa Touch or find a practitioner who performs this treatment, click here.

*Interview was taken from http://www.asfb.com.au/services_item/monalisa-touch-laser/


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