Earlier in 2017, this 39 year old lady who breast fed 3 children (one delivered by caesarean section) and had experienced significant fluctuations in weight presented for consideration of aesthetic breast and abdominal surgery – a classic ‘mummy makeover’.

She described her 12-14DD breasts as saggy, empty and droopy ‘deflated water balloons’ which were causing neck and shoulder pain. She was also troubled by excess abdominal skin and a ‘muffin top’. She wished to have her stretch marks addressed and achieve natural, full and correctly positioned breasts along with a flat tummy and shaped waistline.

At preoperative assessment, she had asymmetric ptotic (droopy), heavy breasts with stretch marks and excess abdominal skin above and below the umbilicus also with stretch marks, flank fat and separation (divarication) of the abdominal wall musculature.

She was counselled at NorthEast Plastic Surgery to consider surgery comprising a variety of breast surgical options in conjunction with abdominoplasty and flank liposuction. The relative risks and benefits of each were carefully detailed and appropriate investigations undertaken.

At surgery, a vertical scar (lollipop) approach was used to undertake asymmetrical bilateral breast reduction, along with full abdominoplasty, repair of the ‘six-pack’ muscles and flank liposuction.

She made an uneventful recovery and is delighted with the fabulous aesthetic result of her now symmetrical breasts and abdomen. Her breasts are lifted, shaped and have been reduced in size with the nipple-areolar complexes in the correct position. She also has a flat tummy with defined waistline. Her case represents a good example of how an excellent aesthetic mummy makeover can be achieved with appropriate surgical expertise in carefully selected patients.

Breast & Tummy pre- and 6 weeks post surgery

Breast & Tummy pre- and 6 weeks post surgery

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