Trish: I’m here today with Rhiannon with Dr Peter Laniewski’s clinic in Bella Vista and we’re going to talk about the Infini Skin needling treatment, which I’ve just had done.

Rhiannon, what do you love about … What’s so great about the Infini Treatment?

Rhiannon: The Infini is great because it basically targets all different skin concerns; from fine lines and wrinkles, to sagging of the skin, scarring, collagen, elastin. It can target eye area as well for bags, anything like that. It’s an all over skin treatment for everyone.

Trish: How does it actually work?

Rhiannon: Radiofrequency in the Infini Machine basically stimulates new cells and rejuvenation in the skin. As we’re creating micro-channels through the skin, we’re creating a wound that then will then have to heal over about a 2 week period. At that same stage, it’s basically stimulating new collagen cells and elastin to come through with it.

The needles in Infini … There’s 100 micro-needles. They’re all gold plated. As they penetrate the skin, they’re all going at the same frequency. You’re not getting an uneven texture on the skin. They all go in at the one stage. We can pick it from 0.5 mil to 3.5 mil. We have the option there to change the needle depth, change the RF that we’re penetrating into the skin and the time at which it’s penetrated.

It’s a lot more comfortable because it has the RF with it. The RF basically stops the blood cells from coming up… so it’s coagulation. It improves the whole texture and tone of the skin.

It’s going to give you more collagen, therefore removing fine lines and wrinkles; or reducing. It’s suitable for all ages. Obviously, the more aged clients are going to get a better result in it. I do have clients that suffer from acne scarring from when they’re a teenager. It gives the exact same result on plumping those scars out as well.

The treatment, mostly, it’s about half an hour for the numbing gel. We always give you a maximum of half an hour. The treatment itself only goes for about 10 to 15 minutes. We do needle quite quickly so that the client’s not in too much pain.

By the time we’ve had the LED on, I usually say about 50 minutes.

Trish: Are you better off to have more than 1 treatment?

Rhiannon: Definitely. We always recommend it in a course. It’s going to keep working for 2 months post your treatment. You’re still going to be getting the collagen come through. It’s always good to back it up every 3 to 4 weeks just to make sure that you’ve got the best results. We usually recommend about three.

After care with the Infini Treatment, you have to keep it hydrated. Your skin’s not hydrated, you’re not going to get the result you’re after. You need to make sure that you’ve always got your sunscreen on when you’re going outside, purely because you’re more sensitive.

Hydration … We don’t use any vitamin A’s and vitamin E’s straight after the treatment. It’s always recommended to get yourself on a good quality home care to be using your vitamin A, your vitamin C’s; so that you get the best result 3 days after.

If you’re interested in Infini and you suffer from dehydration, fine lines and wrinkles, sagging or dull skin; give us a call 1-300-322-337. Book yourself in a free consultation to see if you’re eligible for the Infini Treatment.


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