The MyFaceMyBody Awards have arrived in Australia! This is extremely exciting as it brings an international event to our shores and shines a light on our local Cosmetics and Aesthetics industry.

The brainchild of TV presenter and founder Stephen Handisides, the MyFaceMyBody awards were borne in London, UK in 2012. They are designed to showcase the most outstanding practitioners, brands, treatments and services as voted by the public.

Not only does this highlight the fact that our industry is amongst the most progressive and competitive in the world, it encourages us to strive for even better standards.

MyFaceMyBody Awards

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Having successfully established themselves in London as the awards to win if you’re an aesthetic clinic or brand, their creator, Stephen Handisides, has launched the MyFaceMyBody awards in Australasia to give consumers a voice in who their favourite brands, products and services are.

The awards will be held in Sydney in November at the Hilton Hotel and will be attended by over 300 industry professionals, journalists and celebrities and winners will be presented at the much anticipated red carpet event.

A team of exceptionally talented international judges will be involved in drawing up the final shortlist in the categories covering the aesthetic beauty and media industries.

Mr Handisides, also responsible for the successful MyFaceMyBody website, says “After the huge success of the UK awards I wanted to bring the awards closer to home in New Zealand and Australia where the popularity of aesthetics and beauty is rocketing.

“The awards climax in an evening of exceptional glamour and celebrity, the likes of which the aesthetic industry rarely sees.”

Stephen, described by The Times of New Zealand as “an industry leader in his field”, has been involved in the aesthetics industry for over 10 years.

We are excited to announce that the Plastic Surgery Hub will be presenting an award at this year’s event and look forward to bringing you all the news and gossip of the evening.

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