So off I go to Clinic 66 for my second treatment of the Mona Lisa Touch Laser.

I have not noticed much difference after the first treatment but they told me not to expect much after just one. I believe there is a slight improvement so far and am excited to see the outcome of all three.

I met with the Doctor, different from my last one but just as professional and very warm and caring. She asked me lots of questions how my last treatment went, what side effects did I have and spent lots of time actually getting to know my condition and explaining how the laser works. She also had me fill in a little questionnaire so she can track my results as we go. I signed the consent form and it was time for the treatment.

Having your lady bits examined in detail by a Doctor is very weird I must say, I don’t remember any examination like this when I had babies. Having said this I felt pretty comfortable (albeit the stirrups) and the nurse assisting the Doctor tried to chat with me and help me relax. The Doctor mentioned I had a small patch of silvery skin on my labia and she just wanted to check this was not a pre-cancerous condition. She asked if I was happy to do a punch biopsy to get this checked. Needless to say I was not thrilled however I realised the importance of going ahead and I also was impressed that this Doctor really wanted to ensure holistic care for me, not just a rejuvenation treatment for my vagina!

The biopsy was not too bad (hurt a bit) but I was really happy to have it behind me.

The Doctor then proceeded to go ahead and do my Mona Lisa treatment. It was similar to last time, no pain and very quick. The next couple of days I had less stinging and burning (my bits must be getting used to it).

One week later I had a call from the Doctor saying she had the results of the biopsy and all was clear. Very relieved and excited to try out “things “after this last treatment. I will keep you posted…

To read about my first experience with Mona Lisa Touch check out my blog here.

Clinic 66, the Specialist One-Stop Integrated Sexual Health Clinic in Chatswood Sydney where I had my treatment

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