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Being a bride to be can be stressful and it can be too easy to forget oneself and get caught up in wedding planning. But there is nothing more important than you! It’s your time and your upcoming special day. Maybe the only day in your whole life which will be all about you and the love of your life of course. But what I’ve learnt that it is essential to take a step back from trying to make your wedding day perfect and take out some “me” time; and really give yourself the pampering you’ve been longing for and truly deserve.

Today I was lucky enough to spend the morning with Dr Rohit Kumar and his amazing team at the Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary in Leichardt. As soon as you step out of the elevator you already feel as though you are in another world. The stress from the morning and the outside world have suddenly faded away to what seems like a distant memory. In that moment you know you are exactly at the right place. That’s when it hit OMG I’m getting married and I have less than three months until the big day. Luckily for me, the package I’m going for the Bride to be.

First I meet with Dr Rohit Kumar who makes me feel like part of the family; the family of his spectacular sanctuary. He specifically tailors an individual wedding package just for me, including all the Medispa treatments, bridal workshops, dentistry and injectables. Dr Rohit spends time and goes through all treatments in great detail. He is upfront and honest – feels like he is just as excited as I am!

Next I meet with the gorgeous Ivana Ben and we go through my Coolsculpting program. Wait, what?? You can freeze fat? Coolsculpting is the only FDA-cleared non-surgical fat-reduction treatment that uses controlled cooling to eliminate the stubborn fat that resists all our efforts of dieting and exercise. Ivana’s knowledge and expertise is reassuring. She tailors the perfect plan for me and the area we will be targeting. She is even honest about the areas we can’t treat! She also tells me everything about the day of treatment, and what will happen during, and post treatment – did I mention you can freeze fat whilst watching Netflix on the iPad in the Sanctuary’s Medispa – does anything sound better!? I had not one question at the end, and for anyone who knows me, I always have a question.

Angel's Coolsculpting treatment

Angel’s Coolsculpting treatment

Moving onto the face, Ivana takes me through to the Sanctuary’s state of the art Vectra scan. For those of you who don’t know what a Vectra scan is, prepare to be mind blown. Put simply, Vectra is advanced 3D imaging, high resolution, renders the finest details which compliments its sleek look. Worried about any certain angle? Sorry, the Vectra captures it all. We take a deep look into my skin and the areas of pigmentation, redness and elasticity – very, very cool. Now all the little secrets of my skin that might have been hiding from me can and will be targeted by Ivana using the Sanctuary’s Cosmeceutical brand Aspect Dr. – an Australian owned skincare company using active and clinical grade skincare products and peels that have been formulated to support the skin and address any skin conditions or concerns. I am a girl who has a strict skincare regime – cleanse, tone, moisturise 2 x daily and exfoliate every second day, and face mask once per week. I thought I was an angel when it comes to looking after my skin, but what I didn’t realise is that there’s a reason why my skin concerns are of concern. There were some missing ingredients… Ivana and Aspect Dr! I had no idea I was exfoliating too often, and the products I was currently using were not benefiting my skin – the whole 20+ of them. Why use 12 products when you can use four? I now have a goodie bag of my new skincare regime that any woman would be envious of – four bottles of liquid magic. I honestly cannot wait to wash my face next!

Leaving Rohit and The Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary with my Goodie Bag and with my next few treatments booked… I am SO excited and can hardly wait. My next treatment includes my first Coolsculpt session, CIT and injectables – stay tuned for the next blog.

If you’re interested in the Bridal makeover or in need of some pampering or rejuvenation give The Cosmetic Sanctuary a call or click here and explore. The possibilities are endless. Happy pampering peeps!

xx Angel


Angel is a Registered Nurse working at a leading Sydney hospital. She is passionate about cosmetic and non-surgical beauty, and believes that everyone is beautiful, they just need to know it! It is her aim to help spread beauty around the world.

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