So originally I got my tattoos I think roughly it was about 5 yrs ago now and I basically had this tiny, this little cross that I just got done on a whim, I don’t even know why I got it done but literally it was like a crooked line and I said I need to get this tattoo gone over with, so my friend got me a gift voucher for my birthday for this tattoo shop in Byron Bay where I used to live so I went there one day. I drew a picture of this lock and key, I was like yes this is what I’m getting done I love this, there’s nothing else to it really, there’s no significant meaning behind the tattoo. And then I got there and the lady said it would look better in this size, and I said yeah let’s just go bigger and then I got the tattoos over my tattoo and then got home and my mum almost had a heart attack they’re big tattoos so that’s the story behind my tattoo. Now like I’m getting older and wiser, and I’m getting ready to like settle down eventually get married, I don’t want these tattoos on my wrist they affect me at work as well.

I started to regret my tattoo I think maybe about 3 years after when I started full time work They’re big, they don’t mean anything, there a picture, and they’re not me they’re not what I’d like to portray as myself. They’re just not me. I’m a nurse and I work in a really busy emergency department in Sydney and I am always getting questions and comments like “why is a pretty girl like you want to get something like that to ruin your body”. It’s not that I care about what people say it’s just that’s not how I want to portray myself. I really love my job. I just feel like it holds me back when people look at me they automatically make a judgement, like instantly have something to say about it and I’m really so over it. I’m planning on getting married in 2017 so I want the tattoos completely gone by then. I want pictures of me without my tattoos, I do have 6 tattoos in total now and all my others can be hidden and I love every other one at the moment but these two I definitely don’t like and they don’t mean anything.

I had my first treatment now I think it was in February, it was all very relaxed it was way less painful I believe that it was in getting my first tattoo done initially. And then like the shading is all completely gone and some of the lines are completely gone I’m really happy with it, it’s looking really promising. I was surprised at how quickly it worked. I wasn’t expecting it perhaps, a few colleagues at work who had tattoos as well and this one girl had a tattoo removed I think 10 times now she’s got significant scarring and things like that and I was like “oh no” and I’ve only had one treatment. She’s been keeping a close eye on my tattoos so it’s nice to compare it with somebody else as well.

As far as painful – I think I have a high pain threshold, so it was fine, I sat there, it was no trouble at all. I think getting my initial tattoos was a lot more painful. Almost like a little flick with a rubber band.

What would it be like to think my tattoos could possibly be completely gone in a couple of sessions? Like I can’t explain, I cant even fathom it, sometimes I’ll be looking and I forget that I’ve got my tattoo now I can’t even feel it anymore. Coz it used to be quite raised the whole time I had it, it was quite raised and now I can’t feel it anymore and yes it’s a peace of mind as well that it’s not going to affect me for the rest of my life.

Yeah, absolutely lots of friends and most of the time now that people have come to tell me that they don’t like their tattoos. I’d say, oohhh… wait like, one of me and my friends who got a tattoo down together and she’s like I wanna get it back, I wanna get it removed and I think it’s a spot to get a black around.

Do I have any friends who regret having their tattoos? Absolutely, lots of friends, and more so now people have come up to tell me they don’t like their tattoos and I’m like ‘Yeah’ it’s interesting on how it’s sparked some interest especially my close friends and family. I didn’t realize how prevalent it was for people wanting their tattoos removed.

What would I say now to my 19yo self? “Do you really want these tattoo on your wedding day? Think about that Angel!”.

What would I say to other people considering having their tattoos removed? Oh, do it now. Yeah get it done. The sooner the better and the healing process was quick, yes, get it done, do it now, yeah!

What advice to anyone wishing to get a tattoo now? What you should do is have a picture of the tattoo on the mirror, 6 months time if you still like it, get it. Like my mum’s partner said to her once, she said “I think I wanna get my kids’ names tattooed on me” … And he was like, “why don’t you write it on a piece of paper and keep it in your wallet” and she was like “yeah, fair call!”

What does my partner think of my tattoos? He doesn’t mind them it really doesn’t bother him but it bothers me so. And he is full supportive of me getting rid of them. He doesn’t have any tattoos himself.

Was it stressful when I thought I might not be able to get rid of them? Yeah, definitely I was like I’m going to have these photos of me on my wedding day and to the rest of my life and I’m going to have to cover them up, I’m going to have to have a really big extravagant bouquet. Yeah, that definitely crossed my mind.

The consultation process was it helpful? Yes they talked to the whole process went over everything, care afterwards, before and stuff like that it was really great. I was really well looked after.

What did they say about how long it would take? Well everyone is different and a different colours fade differently as well – like yellows and whites are quite hard to remove if I remember, but black should go well, maybe I think maximum of maybe 8 treatments. I think I won’t even need 8 treatments.

My advice to anyone seeking to have a tattoo removed – would be definitely do your research, really research it through. And lucky I have some behind me who runs this company called the Plastic Surgery Hub and through her knowledge I’ve actually found the best tattoo place that I can get my treatment done. In maybe 3 or 4 sessions I can have a full tattoo removal compared to other places where you may need like 10 to 15 treatments and still not have a full result. So definitely do your research!


Angel is a Registered Nurse working at a leading Sydney hospital. She is passionate about cosmetic and non-surgical beauty, and believes that everyone is beautiful, they just need to know it! It is her aim to help spread beauty around the world.

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