Well it’s been two months since my first truSculpt treatment and I have just had my third and final session!

Since I already knew what to expect, my second and third treatments with Dr Theva were quick and straightforward, with each session taking just 30 minutes.

I have definitely noticed a reduction in the amount of fat on my stomach, and the droopy fat “pouch” that used to bother me has pretty much disappeared. My tummy is now noticeably flatter. Not only has it been a great self-esteem boost, it has inspired me to work even harder to tone and strengthen my core muscles – because feeling more positive about how my abdominal area looks has motivated me to improve it even more.

Adele truSculpt - Before & After

While truSculpt is not a substitute for a healthy diet and exercise, it’s awesome knowing that the fat cells that were destroyed are gone for good! So as long as I maintain a healthy lifestyle, I can be sure that my new flatter tummy is here to stay!

I definitely recommend truSculpt as a great non-surgical way to reduce those stubborn areas of fat! If you are in Melbourne and would like to find out more about truSculpt, Dr Theva is having an information night at his clinic in Camberwell on Thursday 24th November from 6-7.30pm, featuring a live demonstration of the truSculpt treatment. Click here for more details.


Adele is an experienced digital marketer and web designer. She also has a background in medical science so is interested in the biology and science behind plastic surgery procedures. Passionate about health and wellbeing, she promotes living a naturally healthy lifestyle that is beneficial for both the body and mind. She believes in the motto “eating to live, not living to eat” and in choosing the right foods for their nutritional and medicinal qualities.

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