Viveve at Millennium WellnessMy name is Jennifer and I was lucky enough to trial a new procedure called Viveve Vaginal rejuvenation.
When I arrived at the Millennium Wellness Centre in Sydney, the first thing that struck me was the majestic old building on Macquarie Street, it was beautiful.

I am a mature woman and as a mature woman every part of us ages including the vagina, I was hoping for a general rejuvenation and lubrication however this procedure is for women of all ages, whether it’s after childbirth for laxity, sensitivity, bladder problems, it covers it all. The beauty of this treatment is you only need one, With the others I researched beforehand, it said you need at least three. It uses a laser and cryogenic treatment and is completely painless, it takes about 45 minutes.

The women that work there are absolutely wonderful, they make you feel so comfortable, Not once did I feel uncomfortable, It will take a few months for the full results but I should feel something happening in two weeks, Its only two days ago that I had the treatment.

Viveve DevicePrior to the consultation with Dr Jennifer I had had thorough blood work done, and I mean thorough, they tested for everything, I found out I was very low in testosterone which they say helps build oestrogen, they have a completely new approach to hormone therapy which I’m so excited to try and as we speak they are making up my concoction now in the compound pharmacy. They ensured me that with the right hormone balancing and the testosterone I will feel a lot more energy and balanced although I’m a very healthy person I could use a bit of help, I believe this came to me at the right time and I’m so fortunate to be trying this new therapy, I will be keeping you updated on my progress, I should be starting the hormone cream next week when it arrives.

I really felt like The Millennium Wellness Centre really knew their stuff.
Not only do they help women but apparently they can also help men who have hormonal imbalance as well. As a patient, I can’t recommend them enough.

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