After the birth of her twins, Nadia had torn abdominal muscles and was left with excess, sagging skin from where it had stretched during pregnancy. She was self-conscious with the changes in her body and realised she was not going to be able to get in shape with just diet and exercise. Nadia researched and found her surgeon Dr Craig Rubinstein who she says changed her life. This is her story.

Nadia's abdominoplasty

Nadia’s belly grew with her twins!

After a large twin pregnancy and a 35kg weight loss, I was left with a substantial ‘apron’ and a very rounded (domed) abdomen, which I then learned was due to recti diastasis (torn abdomen muscle). It left me very self conscious and unable to further advance my fitness due to constant back pain and weakness because of my torn abs.

Nadia's abdominoplasty

Nadia found it hard to advance her fitness because of her torn abs

I feel I am by far one of the lucky ones having Dr Craig Rubinstein from Cosmetic Surgery For Women and Men as my surgeon. From the day we met I knew he was the surgeon for me. His credentials and experience are outstanding; his specialty is breast and belly and he has done thousands of each, making him a true genius within his field. His team of surgeons are second to none. They, as a team are continuously improving on techniques and technology and they would have to be one of the few teams in the country with so much technologically advanced equipment, techniques and procedures. Their after care includes all scar management and follow up consultations, including yearly consults just to see how you are. That is all included in the cost of your surgery and I can promise you – wonderful, caring service like this is hard to come by nowadays.

I had a customised abdominoplasty, which included muscle repair, removal of my apron and liposuction in various areas to contour my stomach and compliment the surgery as a whole. The surgery was a great success right from the beginning. The recovery was very comfortable, all the staff were amazing and my surgeon assured I was resting well and pain free before he went home for the evening. I had no drains and I was home within 3 days. I did slightly underestimate the severity of the procedure, so I did have to take it a bit easier than I had assumed.

Nadia's abdominoplasty

Nadia before her abdominoplasty, right afterwards, and a few months after her surgery. Nadia’s scar is expected to keep improving with time.

My recovery was a little longer/harder than anticipated. Believe me … I was told time and time again that it would take time to heal, but I’m as impatient as a child on Christmas eve and tried unnecessarily pushing myself when I clearly was not ready. It didn’t do any ‘damage’ – I simply frustrated myself!! I will strongly advise all abdominoplasty patients to wear their garment – in my case it was supplied. They were an absolute saviour and made recovery a lot easier and comfortable. Rest well for the first week or two, employ a house keeper if you can, and call on friends and family to help with your little ones. Remember, you have had this surgery for you … so it’s in no way selfish to take this time for you, your healing, your recovery, your body, your future you!!

Nadia's abdominoplastyI would not change a thing with the surgery, before and or after care I have, and still am receiving. The only advice I would give to all patients is to take the time and research your surgeon and find the right match for you and your procedure. Find a surgeon who performs your particular procedure every day of the year. Not the cheapest, not the surgeon who does’t offer after care… it is all as important. A surgeon who has focus on your long term result and wellbeing is the surgeon on the top of my list. Like a wise man I know is always saying … “The best time to get it right, is the first time.”

Nadia's abdominoplasty

Nadia is thrilled with her results

I can confidently say I am 100% happy with every single aspect of my surgery, results, aftercare, surgeon and their team. I would happily have the surgery all over again! Their level of care, empathy and professionalism is comforting and their only care is you and your result.

Not only can I rock a bikini but I now leave the house with a smile on my face, shoulders back and head high, and not (assuming) people are staring and judging me for how I looked or felt. Putting aside how amazing the results are, Craig has given me the self confidence I never thought ever possible. I am a lot happier within myself which then transferred to my family and every day life. I no longer suffer back pain and I can weight lift with no issues either. All in all it has changed my life physically and emotionally for the better and forever.

Nadia's abdominoplasty

Nadia says her surgery has given her back her self-confidence

My friends and family all love seeing me so happy, confident and healthy. They certainly would have never though in a million years I’d stand in front of a room full of people and so easily and confidently to share my story at plastic surgery events for Cosmetic Surgery For Women and Men. They host these events once a month, which are free and full of helpful information. Their surgeons speak about their specialised fields, show before and after photos and explain in depth the importance of choosing the right surgeon. You get to hear from their dermal clinicians who essentially look after your scars post op and learn about the amazing Fraxel lasers, Healite therapy, skin needling and many many more skin and scar management options that are available to you.

Nadia's AbdominoplastyI will personally be speaking at the next event on Thursday 8th Aug at their Hawthorn rooms. All their events are FREE and you can register on their website or by calling 03 8849 4100. Nibbles and champagne on arrival and fantastic door prizes to be won on the night. It’s fun, informative and most of all you are in the most experienced hands you could possibly ask for.

Nadia's abdominoplasty

Nadia with Dr Rubinstein at one of their FREE events

My self esteem has gone from a bat in a cave to wonder woman … Nothing is too hard or too scary, everything is achievable with the right attitude and hard work to match. I now run my own successful business, I have the most amazing 6yr old identical twin boys and a husband who has been my rock through the especially bad times as well as the good. I am forever grateful for my persistent and disciplined attitude, but I can not put into words how eternally grateful I am for Dr Craig Rubinstein his team at Cosmetic Surgery For Women. I thank you for what you have done and everything you continue to do. I found the right surgeon at the right time and from that, I ended up with the right result the first time.

If you’d like more information on Dr Craig Rubinstein or Cosmetic Surgery for Women and Men check out their website which is also a wealth of information for patients.


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