I’ve always been interested to try one of these latest facial rejuvenation devices but to be honest was a little scared it was going to hurt. I was also worried about the downtime and whether it was all worth it. However, I decided to bite the bullet as they say and just do it! I had a NeoGen Evo plasma treatment and here is my experience!

I’d done a bit of research about the different plasmas and devices on the market. In the end, I went with a newer one on the Australian market but one that has been generating a bit of buzz in the US and Europe. It’s called NeoGen Evo. Being super busy with work and my kids and life in general, I couldn’t afford any downtime and the thing I like about the NeoGen Evo plasma is that the physician can set the machine to different levels of treatment which affect the downtime. I also wanted a gentler treatment for my first time!

NeoGen EVO plasma

NSS 2019 – Ph: Clinical Imaging

So, I went with the lowest level of plasma energy as they say that’s what affects the downtime. It started like a facial laying on the bed, where they put a hydrating face mark on my face to hydrate it and let it soak in for 15 minutes. Oh, and they had also strongly advised me to drink plenty of water the day before to get the best result.

The practitioner then started with the plasma machine (the NeoGen Evo). What did it feel like? It felt like little zaps on my face. The best part of all was that it was not at all painful or uncomfortable, and all I could smell was the hair on my face burning (which I actually really liked!!) I could imagine that the higher level of plasma energy wouldn’t be as painless but everyone has their own pain thresholds I guess. There’s also things they can do if you’re really worried, like numbing cream, but I didn’t need any of that for my treatment.

After the treatment, my face was a little red, but the next day it was absolutely glowing! It also looked tighter to me which is amazing!! They say it’s something amazing to do before your wedding or a big event to give you that amazing glowing face and I totally get why.

All in all, my first plasma treatment was awesome – I love my results – my face feels smoother, tighter, and I definitely have that “glow” they talk about. And, best of all, it wasn’t nearly as painful as I had imagined, although I have heard that some plasma devices hurt more than others! Well, for those of you wanting something that’s completely fine, I would say to check out the NeoGen Evo.

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