It seems us old girls are not the only ones to take self-image seriously. Recent trends in the beauty industry tells us that men are willing to go that extra mile to look their best, with men making up 15 percent of the clients for Anti-wrinkle injections.

Many say that it’s due to the competitive job market and these men want to stay looking their best in order to keep the best jobs. (It’s starting to sound a little like the competitive evils women have been dealing with in the workforce for decades). Not to mention the readily accessible and convenient cosmetic treatments on offer make a lunch break Anti-wrinkle injections treatment all the more accessible and affordable.

But it’s not just Anti-wrinkle injections that men are seeking out. While we don’t know the exact statistics for Australia, trends in the UK and the USA tell us that straight men are opting for quick non-invasive treatments but gay men who have been more open about their involvement in cosmetic surgery are seeking more invasive procedures such as liposuction and upper and lower eyelid surgery.

U.S total cosmetic procedures for men rose 22 per cent from 2000 to the end of 2012, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. But they aren’t going to run about and tell their friends, colleagues or e­ven families anytime soon.

Dr. Russell Kusden past president of the Australasian College of Plastic Surgery explained to that men deny they are having any form of cosmetic surgery due to social pressure.

“They will tell their wife or partner that they are going to a conference, have a day golfing with their mates, anything but say they are going to the plastic surgeon” explains Dr. Kusden.

Geoffrey Lyons from the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons explains that:

“Self confidence is one of the biggest ‘gains’ from cosmetic procedures. Men who undergo cosmetic surgery have often been bothered by a cosmetic ‘problem’ for many years, and seek to correct it to improve their self-esteem. Others may simply want to look younger and feel a ‘fresher’ look will help them in the workforce and socially.”

But before you guys run off and book in your next cosmetic procedure thinking it is the sure cure to any image or employment problem take these points into account;

1. Do your research

Make sure you book in with a qualified cosmetic surgeon who has experience in dealing with male clientele. A lot of cosmetic enhancing procedures are developed with female clientele in mind.

Have a consult with the cosmetic practitioner prior to your procedure and make sure you feel 100% certain about going through with the process. Any questions you may have you need to ask. If anything is to go wrong after the procedure will make it hard to cover up the fact that you had a cosmetic procedure in the first place.

2. Know that a cosmetic procedure isn’t permanent and can’t solve all of your problems.

Don’t rely on a cosmetic surgery procedure to find you a job. If the reason you are seeking out a cosmetic enhancing procedure is to fix your employment prospects or boost your confidence, keep in mind mostly all non-invasive cosmetic procedures are not permanent. Most take at least several treatments before any noticeable results are seen.

3. Invest in a health and skin care regime

Make sure you are taking all the steps to take care of your body from the inside out. Men often forego an effective skin care regimes based on individual skin care analysis, which can do wonders in improving skin quality.

4. If you really are worried about your age on your resume

Leave your D.O.B off your resume and don’t include your date of graduation 😉

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Nina is a TV presenter focusing on beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands and a freelance writer. She is passionate about the welfare of animals, loves to surf, and lives in beautiful Byron Bay.

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