Many of us have old scars, whether they are from a surgical procedure or a roller skating accident from when we were 16! And for those of us who’ve had kids or put on and off large amounts of weight, many of us have old stretchmarks. Mothers of today are more aware of the creams, gels and things to reduce stretchmarks but there’s more than a few of us who didn’t think about stretch mark prevention ten or twenty years ago. However, there is hope! Many of you will know by now that I love the Stratpharma products, but I’ve got a whole new respect for them based on the fact that they’ve helped me reduce the appearance of an old scar I had. So I wanted to share my story in the hope it might help a few more of you!

Lynne from Stratpharma told me a couple of years ago that Stratamark can help with old stretchmarks and the other products can too. She told me, “The good news is that Stratamark actually helps to reduce those old stretch marks. A clinical trial that was done in Adelaide also showed that ladies that had stretch marks that were more than a year old, it improved them by 20%. And they were quite old stretch marks, so quite hard to treat. Then the ladies that had stretch marks that were not quite that old, they saw half, a 50% improvement in colour of their stretch marks. It’s non-invasive, it’s really safe to use, and compared to the more invasive treatments to treat stretch marks later on, it’s quite inexpensive.”

Which Stratpharma products are best for old scars?

Stratamark can be used on new and old stretchmarks. The older the stretchmark, the longer you may need to use the product for. Strataderm is also able to be used on scars anywhere from around two weeks after the incision/scar is created to years and years afterwards. Again, for older scars you may need to use the product for longer. To read more about when you can use the different Stratpharma products go here and here.

The not so secret active ingredient in the Stratpharma products is silicon. Lynne tells us the earlier that you introduce silicon straight onto a wound, the better the scar outcome. However, it can also be effective on older scars. She says, “Silicon is the recommended first line of treatment for scars in the international guidelines for scar management. That’s a published document that all the plastic surgeons and dermatologists should know about. The guidelines are a result of an international body that looks at all of the treatments that are available for scars. Those guidelines recommend that silicon is the first line management for managing scars.”

The other thing I love about all the Stratpharma products is that they are able to be used on pregnant ladies and those with sensitive skin.

If you’ve got old or new scars that you’d like to reduce the appearance of, you can purchase any of the Stratpharma products in the PSH shop (we love them that much!). You can also read more about how they are used and some patient reviews in the blogs below:

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