Dr Bryan Mendelson, Plastic Surgeon, is considered one of the world’s foremost experts on the face and facelift procedures. He has an expert understanding of facial anatomy and this gives him an in depth knowledge on the more successful facelift techniques. In 2013 he wrote a book on plastic surgery and why looks matter called “In Your Face”. I’ve been meaning to read the book for a while now, but it was only recently that I found the time to pick it up. And once I did, I could barely put it down. This is my book review of In Your Face by Dr Bryan Mendelson.

A book even for those not interested in having plastic surgery
I was a little worried the book would be too scientific, but from the very beginning I soon realised that Dr Mendelson has a way of explaining things so that even I, with my (very) limited medical knowledge, felt like I understood. He has written the book in such a way that I see now why it has been popular across all demographics – from plastic surgeons to patients, from nurses to family support members for those wanting plastic surgery. Even those with little or no interest in getting plastic surgery can find the sections on how the face mirrors our inner emotions, and the ancient history of reconstructive surgery including the part that World War 1 and it’s soldier’s played in the development of facial surgery, truly interesting.

Dr Bryan Mendelson

Author and Plastic Surgeon, Dr Bryan Mendelson

Whether we acknowledge or agree with it or not, our face and it’s appearance can affect our entire identity, lifestyle and success in life. It not only changes the way others see us, but the way we feel and think about ourselves. Mendelson talks about how those considered more beautiful are also considered smarter, more trustworthy; are often given the best jobs before anyone else. Being considered more attractive, or seeing yourself as more or less attractive than someone else can have deep rooted psychological effects. And, even more interesting, is that different cultures see what’s “beautiful” as a different thing, depending on where you’re from or what society you live in.

Mendelson covers all aspects of the face, from the anatomy and the different layers of the face, and how it’s all put together, explaining how and why different facelift approaches work better than others. He dissects the face talking about the different parts of it, from the nose to the eyes, to the deeper layers and all that’s in between including the muscles and everything else. I was left with little wonder as to why he’s considered one of the best facelift surgeons in the world – anyone with that sort of knowledge about the tiny nuances and particulars of how a face put together has got to have a superior understanding of how to manipulate and alter its appearance through the facelift and other cosmetic or reconstructive procedures. Mendelson, like other plastic surgeons, has suggested that an aesthetic plastic surgeon can be seen as both a surgeon and an artist – visioning the desired outcome of a facial procedure and how to implement the techniques to make that vision a reality can definitely be seen as an art form.

Perhaps my favourite part of the book was being able to take a trip through time to hear about the very first types of plastic surgery before it was even a thing. Rhinoplasty has been around in its earliest forms for centuries, indeed apparently even in ancient India as early as 600BC! (I remember this during my studies on Ayurveda – they say the Indians pioneered rhinoplasty).

The other highlights in this book for me were the patient stories and experiences. The real life stories and truths – I just love these. The journeys that different people have and how it reflects and affects their face. Mendelson has weaved these through the book at just the right time to highlight his current topic for discussion.

For any of you looking for your next good read, I suggest you check out In Your Face. It’s something completely different. I found it insightful into human nature and it gave me a whole new appreciation of the human face and our motivations behind why we care about it so much.

If you’re interested in purchasing the book you can get it from all major book websites. We’ve put a link to a few of them below.

To get a taste of Dr Mendelson’s wonderful way with words and storytelling abilities check out this blog he wrote for us a while back about his own journey to become the amazing plastic surgeon he is today.


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