We were extremely sad to learn that our local go-to skin care clinic, North Coast Medispa, was completely submerged in the recent floods that devastated Lismore on the Far North Coast of NSW. Ex Tropical Cyclone Debbie certainly left a path of destruction in her wake and unfortunately North Coast Medispa was one of the businesses left under water as high as 1.5 metres. However, having secured a temporary location for their clinic at the Southern Cross Uni Health Clinic, we’re putting a call out for all clients, old and new, to support North Coast Medispa however we can.

Huge Recovery

Lismore was one of the communities most damaged from Debbie’s wrath. The floods rose to a height not seen since the 1974 floods and some families and businesses have lost everything. The entire CBD of Lismore, along with most of the lower lying suburbs, were completely inundated with water and the ruined furniture, equipment and belongings of the town being piled up out the front of shops and houses has to be seen to be believed. The huge recovery is going to take months, if not years, for some, and the physical and mental anguish resulting from the devastation is heartbreaking and emotional.

Positive Spirit

North Coast Medispa say one of the positive things to come out of the experience has been the amount of support they have received. “Dedicated staff members who came in on their days off, family members, building tenants and even complete strangers who helped with the heavy lifting or supplied food to keep the troops going.”

Whilst their rebuilding of the clinic is going to take at least a few weeks, North Coast Medispa will be operating at reduced capacity at the Southern Cross Uni, but also keep in mind they will have more practitioners and increased availability at their Ballina clinic in the interim. North Coast Medispa treat a huge range of skin concerns and offer an extensive selection of advanced skin care treatments to suit all needs. If you’d like to make an appointment give them a call on 1800 186 333 or drop in to their clinic at 2/2 Moon Street, Ballina.

All of us here at the Hub send all our love and good thoughts to those affected by the floods, and to North Coast Medispa with the anticipation that you return bigger and more beautiful than before xx

*Photo courtesy of echo.net.au


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