We all want to say we have awesome sex. But when we hear other women talking about mind blowing orgasms or amazing sex, not all of us can relate. Whilst once we might have, quite often as we age and after having children our sex lives and libidos tend to dissipate. Some women have never had that out of body orgasmic experience during sex, and it just doesn’t seem fair! Shouldn’t all of us be able to experience complete sexual satisfaction? The answer is yes, and Dr Jayson Oates and his Academy Laser Clinics are helping to make it happen. We chat to him about the O Shot and how to enhance your orgasm.

What is the O Shot?

You may have heard of the O Shot, the brand name coined by a US doctor, which involves the precise injection of PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma into the areas responsible for female sexual response.

PRP has without a doubt been the most talked about non surgical treatment of 2017. It basically involves extracting your own blood, cleaning it through a special centrifugation process making it rich in platelets that when reinjected into the target area has remarkable rejuvenation results. It stimulates collagen production, repairs and regenerates vessels and tissue and is basically a natural way to turn back the clock on ageing. It is used for joint and wound healing, facial rejuvenation, to reverse hair loss, to help with erectile dysfunction and is now being used to get truly life changing results for women and their sexual satisfaction by enhancing their ability to orgasm. In short, PRP can stimulate the growth of new cells in the injected areas, making those areas more sensitive to the touch.

Dr Oates tells us how it works. “The PRP is injected into the soft tissue just inside the vaginal canal and behind the clitoris. Patients report that it is relatively painless. We refer to it as the PRP-Procedure for Women.”

Despite it sounding a little scary (needles in the vagina!!), the PRP-Procedure for Women is only performed after applying numbing cream and a local anaesthetic so it is said to be a comfortable and relaxing procedure. It is a walk in walk out treatment with no downtime. Dr Oates says, “Although we recommend a few days before re-engaging in sexual activity.”

How quickly does it work?

Dr Oates says results can be noticed as early as one week after the treatment up to several weeks depending on the patient and their overall health, and lasts for anywhere between 12 to 18 months. Some patients may require a second treatment about 4-6 weeks later for best results and annual refreshers are recommended.

Dr Stephanie Hyams is an officially trained O-Shot practitioner at Academy Laser Clinics who performs the procedure and says it is a quick and simple method to enhance orgasm and sexual intimacy. “I understand the intimate challenges facing women especially following childbirth, hysterectomy, post cancer-treatments or as a consequence of menopause. I want to reassure my patients they can feel comfortable discussing anything with me and we can identify what medical solutions we have that can resolve any concerns or issues they may have.”

Dr Stephanie also recommends some patients combine the PRP-Procedure for Women with the MonaLisa Touch Laser, to improve the strength and elasticity of vaginal tissue both internally and externally or for any ladies suffering from urinary incontinence symptoms.

What can the PRP-Procedure for Women do for you?

The PRP Procedure for Women is able to:

  • Increase your libido;
  • Give you greater arousal from clitoral and vaginal stimulation;
  • Generate stronger and more frequent orgasms;
  • Assist with painful intercourse (dyspareunia);
  • Assist with Lichen Sclerosus symptoms; and
  • Improve vaginal elasticity and reduce urinary incontinence symptoms, especially when combined with the MonaLisa Touch Laser.

If you’d like more information or would like to arrange a consultation with one of the Doctors or Nurses at Academy Laser Clinics, please call them in Sydney on (02) 9439 9293 or Perth (08) 9382 3238.

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