Dr Anh

Dr Anh

Dr Anh Nguyen, Plastic Surgeon, and her Medispa in Perth, are a one-stop-shop offering a wide range of beauty and wellness treatments alongside plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures. All designed to help patients feel and look great using the latest techniques and treatments. Dr Anh’s team is composed of highly-qualified beauty professionals who will help you achieve your beauty and wellness goals. You will have an initial consult with Dr Anh herself who will discuss the appropriate treatments and procedures for your needs to ensure you reach your desired end result.

About Dr Anh and her team

Dr Anh has over a decade of experience in the field with both plastic and cosmetic surgery and non-surgical aesthetic treatments. Dr Anh’s approachable personality allows her to discuss things with her patients comfortably and allow them to feel like they are really being heard and respected so as to ensure that all her patients receive the right procedures and treatments for them, so they will leave the clinic happy with their results. We love Dr Anh because she’s intuitive, realistic, professional and a strong, modern woman juggling an awesome career with three young kids!

She heads a team of highly-qualified, caring, experienced, and professional doctors, therapists, nurses, allied health staff, and patient educators. Dr Anh carefully chose each of her staff members to ensure patient safety, comfort, and overall experience.

Medispa Treatments

Dr Anh’s Medispa treatments are designed to help improve your appearance and health without the need for invasive surgery. They have a wide range of non-ablative and ablative laser treatments, as well as injectables. The clinic only uses state-of-the-art equipment that can ensure safe and effective treatments. Below are Dr Anh’s Medispa treatments available:

  • Liposonix: It contours your body without the need for invasive surgery, with only minimal downtime;
  • Mona Lisa Touch: It is designed to address atrophy and minimise the light bladder leakage (LBL);
  • Microdermabrasion: It uses buffers to remove dead skin cells and allow for healthier skin to grow for that healthy glow;
  • Others: CO2 Dot Laser Resurfacing, IPL, peels, facials, brow makeover, and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
  • Massages: They are perfect for stress relief and getting rid of muscle pains. The team can perform various types of massages, including energising massage, relaxing massage, deep tissue massage, pregnancy massage, and A Man’s World massage.
  • The Body Boost Bed: It uses LED light to apply phototherapy on your body to encourage skin rejuvenation. This treatment helps reduce the appearance of ageing signs, and improve the condition of your muscles and joints.
  • The Detox Box: It is designed to promote well-being through infrared sauna. It works by removing the toxins in your body, as well as excess water weight. This treatment is said to help in weight management, and is also used to expel harmful chemicals through sweating.
Cosmetic surgery

Your body undergoes an ageing process as time passes. However, to help you age gracefully Dr Anh offers a wide variety of surgical procedures to help restore your beauty and youth. These are:

Dr Anh NguyenA one-stop-shop for your beauty needs

Dr Anh has designed her clinic and services around trying to cater for all her patient’s beauty and aesthetic needs. There is no longer a need for clients to go to several different places to get their beauty treatments and procedures. Establishing a relationship and connection with one clinic and it’s practitioners definitely enables them to get to know you, and what your beauty goals are. Feeling comfortable with your practitioners is the first step in being able to convey what it is you need and having the luxury and convenience of having it all done under the one roof.

If you’d like to contact Dr Anh and her clinic or arrange an initial consult, give them a call on 08 9322 2659.

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