Trish: We’re here today at the ASAPS Non-Surgical Symposium 2015 with Dr Ben Johnson who’s all the way from Colorado; he’s the Founder of the new range of Osmosis Skin Care products. I saw these products yesterday for the first time and I was just blown away – I absolutely love them. Can you tell us a little bit about it Dr Ben Johnson, just for the average consumer and why it’s different to what’s on the market?

Dr Ben Johnson: Yeah, really, so what’s distinctive about Osmosis is that we’ve actually developed a way to reach the deeper parts of the skin so we can make permanent changes in the skin. The industry has been for the last 30 years based on the idea of products that get temporary results or that are more protective with an antioxidant. We believe that what people are really looking for, especially when they are investing their hard earned money is permanent changes to the skin, permanent corrections in scarring, permanent thickening of the dermis and repair of DNA and permanent changes to the texture of the skin. So there’s a lot of things you can do to the skin when you make it stronger and the whole secret behind Osmosis is number one you reach the source of the issues of the skin, and then secondly to strengthen the skin so it can heal itself. And, the other big distinction is that we have found that with many skin conditions, the causes of the skin conditions come from the inside so I’ve created a whole line of wellness supplements that target the source of skin conditions like acne and rosacea and really several different skin conditions, all by treating the inside, as well as the topical version.

Trish: And, with the internal stuff, we’re not talking tablets here, we’re actually talking.. about something quite different! Which blew me away yesterday.. I just absolutely love it. So, it’s an amazing range of sprays that.. well, you tell us about it?

Dr Ben Johnson: Yeah, it is actually water, and at first splash, it sounds kind of crazy, but the reality is that our bodies are made up of energy. Quantum physicists today will tell you that all of your cells, the deeper you dive in there, the more crazy vibrational patterns that you have within you, and we haven’t really connected the dots to say, “well, I know that an antioxidant does this” and “preceptors do that” but the truth is behind all of that is energy, and the type of energy that your body is made up of is called scalar energy and we work with a scalar wave technology so we are literally imprinting on the molecules of water scalar waves that recalibrate and balance your system so that your body can heal itself. It is quite unique; it just tastes like water, it’s just five little pumps in your mouth twice a day, and we have about 25 different formulas, but each formula addresses things like acne, or women’s hair loss, or digestive upset, or sleep disturbances, so it’s been a really interesting ride. We’ve been doing it for about 7 years, and we get over 90% success rate with the waters. We even have a water that is a mosquito repellant if you can imagine, so there’s just a lot of really cool technologies we’re bringing in. It is absolutely the most cutting edge thing you’ll come across. Like I said, at first splash it’s hard to even imagine it’s even real, but when you try it and you get those results you’re like “I can’t believe it!”.

Trish: I’m blown away. I’ve seen a lot in this industry but this just something else, and I’m really excited. For myself, and you guys!

Dr Ben Johnson: Yeah, you know, it came about my first desire was like, well acne. How do I heal something like acne, or eczema, or psoriasis? You know, those conditions, everyone’s putting something on the surface, but the reality is that they come from an internal imbalance. And you’ve got to treat it.

Trish: Makes sense, so much sense. It’s a very naturopathic philosophy.

Dr Ben Johnson: It is, yes. And there are no side effects, it is very holistic.

Trish: OK, so considering all the different variations are they suitable for everyone? Is there anyone who shouldn’t be using them?

Dr Ben Johnson: No, what’s interesting about the way scalar wave technology works is that it’s kind of like a tuning fork, you know how you hit a tuning fork and only some things in the room vibrate? Well, that’s because every part of you has its own unique frequency pattern and so when you take a water if you don’t need recalibration of that frequency it just ignores the frequency. So there’s no side effects to it. We do shrink the dosage for infants, and it’s safe for pregnant women, infants, everyone really. But sometimes it is a slight difference in dosage.

Trish: OK, great. So, in the range, if someone was to buy the complete range, the first step is the scalar wave water?

Dr Ben Johnson: In many cases we are doing that, but that’s not always true, for example, if you have actinic keratoses, which is a pre-cancerous skin condition, you really just need our DNA topical repair strategy but if you’re doing acne you absolutely have to address the internal source of that, which you can read about on There’s a lot of information, probably too much for the consumer today, but we have very interesting theories as to why you have eczema, or why you have acne on the jawline versus on the forehead, and other places. Each water might address a different part of the anatomy and so yes, there’s different protocols. I would say 75% of the time for skin conditions that we treat we bring water into the equation. But we also have another unique supplement, not just scalar technology; we have this other product called “Restore” and that heals melasma. Now, how do you heal melasma? Well, you heal the liver which is actually the underlying source of the problem, and so there are other supplements for different problems.

Trish: OK, alright, great, so it’s internal, external.. So it’s about treating the whole as opposed to just treating the problem.

Dr Ben Johnson: Yeah, well, just giving a surface solution.. that’s why most surface solutions are not permanent and not very effective.

Trish: If you want to know anything else about Osmosis you can send us an email on Or otherwise just click on the find a practitioner clinic at the bottom of this video.

Dr Ben Johnson: And if you have any questions about your own skin condition and wondering, and you don’t get those answers on, email those questions and Trish will forward them onto me, I work with people individually all the time to help them because that’s really my mission.

Trish: Thank you very much.

Dr Ben Johnson: My pleasure.


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