For many people tattooing their body is a work of art. There is a huge contingent of women and men who love their tattoos and embrace and grow with them as they move into the older stages of their lives. They continue to get more at significant moments in their lives, or just because they love the look and/or symbolism. However, for some of us, whilst it seemed to be a good idea when we were young, wild, free, brave and super cool, all of a sudden we regret our decision earlier in life to get a tattoo.

There are several reasons why men and women wish they could get rid of tattoos:

  • Social stigma or pressure
  • Changes in the body, ageing process
  • Job or career with a strict company policy
  • Embarrassment
  • New partner’s preferences
  • Forgetting ex-partner (nothing worse than having your ex tattooed on your bum!)
  • Other personal reasons

What are the ways we can get rid of tattoos?

High-intensity, short-pulse width lasers facilitate in removing stubborn tattoos by breaking up the pigment under the skin. The one we’re going to talk about today is Pastelle. Also regarded as effective in treating other issues with the skin such as toning, acne, freckles, age spots, sun spots, wrinkles and enlarged pores, and other types of skin pigmentation, Pastelle is super effective on tattoo removal!

The Pastelle laser works by targeting the dermal layer of the skin and causing the ink, both coloured and black, to break into tiny particles.

The process is completed in three simple stages:

  • Tattoo ink absorbs the light emitted by the laser. Its powerful laser causes no harm on the other layers of the skin and produces pulses of intense light that rapidly targets tattoo ink.
  • Pastelle breaks pigmentation. Breaking up the melanin pigment into smaller particles is made easy with the use of high-intensity photoacoustic waves that is safe for the skin with recommended usage.
  • Pastelle removes pigment. Particles are eradicated by the body’s immune system because the skin’s macrophages helps flush the excess pigment, giving way to clearer, more beautiful skin.

Whilst this all sounds rather technical, the end result is that after just a few treatments your tattoo can be virtually non-existent. For anyone with an especially ugly tattoo that is really affecting them in a negative way, this is awesome news.

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