More and more men are taking advantage of the modern day techniques for body contouring and enhancement. One of the more popular is pectoral implants, or chest implants. Dr Patrick Briggs, Specialist Plastic Surgeon, has seen more men come through for pectoral implants in the last few years and chatted to us about it.

Why do men get pectoral implants?

Just like women who struggle with weight, shape and body contour, men have the same problem! Dr Briggs says some body types do not achieve chest muscle tone and definition as easily as others. “Even with exercise, some men will not be able to see the desired results simply from working out the chest area. Pectoral implants shape, enlarge, and firm the chest muscles, helping one attain the look they want while still allowing a natural appearance when the pectoral muscles are either flexed or relaxed.”

There is also the case of some men have underdeveloped chest muscles because of injuries or congenital conditions such as Pectus Excavatum – a condition where the breast bone sinks into the chest; or Poland’s syndrome, an underdeveloped muscle development.. Regardless of why a man has irregular or underdeveloped chest muscles and form it can cause the same social issues and anxiety that women can feel with underdeveloped or misshapen breasts. Dr Briggs says it is extremely satisfying to be able to help men create or recreate a natural looking chest area. “Like many other cosmetic enhancements, this procedure gives men a chance to aesthetically enhance an area of the body through surgery when no other alternatives are available or desirable.”

Pectoral implant options

Just as with all breast implants, there are different shapes and sizes available. Whilst there are pre-shaped implants Dr Briggs tells us that it is possible to have pectoral implants custom made. “Some patients, especially those with an accident or birth defect, may choose to have a custom implant made. It generally takes 6-8 weeks to create the implant based on a mold of the chest area. In some cases, the surgeon may choose to take a standard implant, and carve it into the desired size and shape.”

The Pectoral Implant Procedure

Pectoral implants are placed under the existing chest (pectoral) muscles through incisions made in your armpits – this helps to hide any scarring. Dr Briggs explains how it’s done. “An incision is made in the armpit and a pocket is created in the fascia of the upper pectoral muscle. Once the implant pocket is created, a soft, solid silicone implant is sculpted to the exact size and most aesthetic appearance. Once sculpted, the silicone implant is inserted into the pocket and it is secured with a few small self-dissolving sutures. The external incision is then closed, and a very small dressing is placed under the arms to promote rapid healing. You will be able to see the change to the pectoral area immediately after surgery.”

If you’d like more information on pectoral implants or any other male body contouring procedures, contact Dr Briggs’ clinic on (08) 9381 9300.


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