Penny had always been big. In her own words, she was a fat baby and felt fat most of her life. However, as Penny approached her 50th birthday she’d been working hard to lose weight. When the big day came and went she had managed to lose 60kgs and had gone from 136kg to 75kg! That is a huge achievement but although it felt good, Penny says she was disgusted to see all the loose skin left. She started thinking about surgery to get rid of it. Penny ended up having a tummy tuck, neck lift, liposuction, fat transfer and an upper and lower blepharoplasty and facelift with Dr Mahyar Amjadi. This is her story.

Penny had a brachioplasty revision but her scar has healed nicely

Penny says she started by doing her research. “I do a lot of research before I do anything, so…” Her advice to anyone else would be to do the same. “I came across a post by another lady who I felt had a similar journey to mine and that led me to come across Dr Mahyar Amjadi. I have to admit I was looking at going to Thailand for my surgery but I don’t think I would have done it. I initially did a Skype consult with Dr Amjadi. I’m really not one to ask a lot of questions coz I’d read everything before. All I wanted was my neck gone. I wanted my fat wobbly neck gone, so I didn’t care what else happened at that stage.”

However, Penny’s first surgery was the brachioplasty which she had in May 2018. “I ended up having to have a revision on my right armpit as it was too tight… it was pulling. I’m now really happy with the outcome.” Penny said she felt she was lucky she had her surgery with an Australian surgeon who was willing to do a revision – had she had this surgery in Thailand it could have been a different story.

Penny’s next surgery was the big one. She had an extended tummy tuck, a neck lift with liposuction and fat transfer and upper and lower blepharoplasty and facelift. “The tummy was planned, but the neck and everything else was a bonus… the eyes, the cheek, the brow.”

The Surgery and Hospital Experience

Penny’s journey included weight loss and several procedures to remove and tighten excess skin

Penny says the Private Hospital was fantastic. “When I came out of recovery I went into my room and I had to lay flat on my back. My eyes were bandaged, when Dr Amjadi came he took the bandages off and opened my eyelids because I was too scared to open them.

“My ears are the sorest thing about my facelift – the only thing that caused me pain. I don’t know why, they’re very tender. I had stitches in the front and behind, but they’re sore still.
My jaw is numb now – chin is not, but the sides are, and the ears. I managed to re pierce my second earring hole while it’s numb. I thought while it’s numb I’m going to re pierce it. Dr Amjadi laughed when I told him.

“I was in hospital for 7 days. Dr Amjadi wanted to keep me in longer but I was ready to go home. However I stayed in Sydney for a week (after the 7 days), and I had the stitches taken out in Sydney at a doctor’s surgery, at a medical centre in St Mary’s. Dr Amjadi said I could go to my doctor to do my after care and as I was at my daughters place near St Mary’s the docs there were happy to take the stitches out.”


Penny is happy with her neck and face lift results, from all angles!

What many patients fail to realise is that even with the best surgeons there can be complications. Another really important reason to have your surgery done in Australia by a qualified and experienced surgeon. Penny tells us her tummy got infected from her binder rubbing. “I was home back in Forbes and the belly button seem to be going ok, but it was white – it didn’t smell, was just white, there was no infection, it was clear. My local doctor here refused to treat me but Dr Amjadi wanted to see me straight away so I drove back to Sydney. He cleaned it out, scraped away the dead skin and bandaged it all up. My local hospital nurses up here are looking after it now. I was about 2 weeks post op when that happened – now I’m about 11 weeks – it’s taken about 8 weeks to heal. I’m just now starting to feel good about myself.”

Penny says she is booked in for a lower back lift in Feb 2019. “It was supposed to be November, but I need longer to recover.”

We asked Penny if she was happy with Dr Amjadi. “Very happy with him. When I saw him for a follow up he was very good, and explained more in more detail about my backlift coming up. He’s nice and professional.”

We think Penny looks amazing and can’t wait to hear how her back lift goes in February!

If you’d like more information on Dr Mahyar Amjadi check out his listing or blogs below, or you can visit his website.


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