Advanced Cosmeceuticals is the distributor of Lutronic devices in Australia and have some of the most advanced and effective non-surgical treatments on the market, including EnCurve, LaseMD and now the PICOPLUS. I caught up with Catherine Biedermann from Advanced Cosmeceuticals at the 40th Annual ASAPS Conference to get the latest on this super effective laser.

What is the PICOPLUS?

Catherine B: The PICOPLUS is the latest device from Lutronic and it is an Nd:YAG device that works with picoseconds rather than nanoseconds.

What was the process like behind creating the PICOPLUS? How much research went into it?

Lutronic, they’d launched the device late last year and we did bring one out and had it installed and we had a physician using it. We did have a few hiccups with it, so we decided to stop promoting it until Lutronic had everything sorted out. We’ve probably learnt a bit from some of the other manufacturers or distributors in that sometimes, it’s better to give a new device, a new technology a little bit longer so they can work, sort out all the problems that can potentially happen. We had it now in a clinic for 10 months, very successful introduction. Dermatologist is extremely happy with it. So are we.

How long does the treatment take when using the PICOPLUS?

Picosecond means that you shatter the pigment into much smaller particles and the elimination is much quicker. Rather than needing maybe eight to 10 to 12 treatments to treat melasma successfully, we’re now looking at four to six treatments. For the client, it is a benefit that they don’t need as many treatments. However, what we need to take into consideration is that the PICO is a more expensive device and therefore, the treatment price is also going to be higher. It is a big investment. We are able to offer the PICO at a lower price than some of our competitors but it’s still a big investment and it’s for the clinic to decide if they will have the clientele and the need and volume.

What type of support does Lutronic provide for people who buy their devices?

Our clients that decide to introduce the PICO in their clinic, they obviously get a lot of support mainly from us as the distributor. They have almost unlimited training until everyone is really comfortable, everyone who’s going to operate the device is really comfortable with the device. We have technicians in each state that that are available at very short notice. We also provided a backup device should ever the device play up. We have workshops that we offer through with a Lutronic-trained clinician.

What is included in the PICOPLUS package?

The PICOPLUS comes with five hand pieces so they’re all included in the price of the PICOPLUS. It allows the operator to treat any indication that can be treated with PICOPLUS but one of the other real benefits is that you can choose to work with picoseconds or nanoseconds. That applies to each handpiece. There are indications or there are skin types where the nanosecond is still the better choice, so it’s good to have that opportunity to switch.

It’s also very, very user-friendly. It’s easy to operate, easy to select the parameters and the indications that we recommend it mainly are melasma and pigmentation, certainly more than for tattoo removal because we believe that that business or that demand is still not where we might have thought it is a couple of years ago but you treat acne, you treat rejuvenation. There’s so many benefits to the device. Anything that you have treated with them an Nd:YAG, you can now do with the Pico with less with treatments, very little downtime, which is obviously great for the patient.

Is it worth upgrading to the PICOPLUS?

It’s an Nd:YAG, so it does everything that like the Nd:YAG with nanoseconds did. It’s now just doing faster and better.

To find out more about the PICOPLUS or any other Advanced Cosmeceuticals devices and treatments check out the website.


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