In its core, the whole she-bang about plastic surgery revolves around one key concept – self esteem. Women who are willing to go under the knife understand the risks involved and have carefully weighed the scale of pros and cons. But to a special clientele, this is more than just looking good and feeling better. It’s revenge.

Payback Time

Recent divorcees who seek to have their bodies altered are actually greater in number compared to the more popular soon-to-be brides or ‘bridalplasty.’ According to Michael D. Cohen, head of the Cosmetic Surgery Center of Maryland, various women come in to inquire about possible surgeries before and after a divorce to ultimately lighten them up and make them feel better. Cohen mentioned a recent breast augmentation surgery for a 20 year old woman, stating that the client did it as a “sort of payback” in her own words.

Lisa Hanson, an accountant from the Altrincham in Chesire, United Kingdom, was 40 years old when she saw her husband with another woman. After the divorce, she was scheduled for a tummy tuck and liposuction.

“The surgery was very much a reaction to my divorce — I wanted to re-invent myself and get my revenge after the way my ex made me feel about myself,” said Hanson. Now, this single woman has lengthened her list of surgery procedures undertaken with new breasts implanted, Anti-wrinkle injections on her cheeks, and extended nails.

“To all these seemingly excessive operations, Hanson tells us the reason. With each procedure, I felt my confidence increasing. I have never felt so unattractive and hurt as I did the morning my husband sat me down and told me that he’d met someone else.”

The Price to Pay

This is the new trend in the plastic surgery world. Newly divorced women have created a market so niche yet so lucrative that special ‘divorce packages’ were created just to attract them. These nifty packages, only available for the recently brokenhearted, offer small discounts to those looking for post-divorce surgery.

However, many experts believe that before women go under the knife, they should go under psychiatric treatment. Because of the stress brought about by the breakup, the mind is being in an unstable state; therefore many rash decisions could be made. Not to dismiss the concept of boosting self esteem during this lowest of times, though. Phil Haeck, the president of the ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) notes that in the most ideal of cases, plastic surgery and cosmetic operations grant newly single clients that extra drive to enter the relationship market which most divorcees totally veer away from.

“There may be subtle things that happen in terms of their openness to talking to strangers,” added Haeck.

For cases such as these, plastic surgery helps the patient increase self-worth and serve as the much needed push to get back on the horse, leaving the bad relationship behind.

Have you gone under the knife? What were your reasons for doing so? We’d love to hear about your experiences.


Deborah Jones is a freelance author who enjoys the freedom of working from home. She is driven by her passion to bring effective and highly engaging stories to a larger audience. She loves writing about plastic surgery and the latest surgical trends in the plastic surgery world.

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