Blood is our life source. It contains platelets, growth factors, proteins and healing powers that are unable to be replicated or obtained through any other means. Our blood is made up of four elements – red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma and platelets. It is these last two elements, platelets and plasma, that when harvested and processed correctly can be used in skin rejuvenation.

Factor4 is the next generation in PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) with a more advanced and unique process to provide patients with a more significant improvement in their skin rejuvenation and appearance than ever before with up to four times more growth factors than any other comparable blood rich injection product on the market. We take a look at this amazing treatment and the power of your blood – Factor4, the skin rejuvenation using your own blood to it’s true potential.

How does Factor4 work?

Our body has a natural ability to regenerate and heal itself and your body does this all day, everyday. This can be seen when you have a cut or a graze. The body goes through the healing process eventually repairing itself so you never even remember you had a cut or a graze. Factor4 harnesses this power by extracting the source of the regeneration, magnifying it and a clinician manually directs it to the particular parts of your body that require regeneration.

Factor4 involves your blood being extracted, incubated and centrifuged. This process elicits a rapid increase in growth factors. The plasma is then separated and filtered before being turned into a serum unique to you. This serum is the magic that is then injected into the area/s to be treated. With it’s high concentration of growth factors, anti-inflammatory proteins and cytokines, it is the most powerful way to trigger skin cell rejuvenation. Because Factor4 uses your own blood (besides it being a bit of a “scary” thought for some) it’s actually more of a natural option for rejuvenation than fillers or anti-wrinkle injections. The bonus of this is that it eliminates the chance of any your body rejecting the serum as you sometimes do with fillers and anti-wrinkle injections. Factor4 is truly ‘notox’.

Shaun Baldwin from Factor 4 told us it’s the science behind Factor 4 that makes it so unique and results-driven. “It’s the research and development behind Factor4 that speaks for itself. Factor4 is a completely natural, autologous treatment; there are no additives, it’s all you – a pure and natural you of your growth factors and cytokines. The results are WOW – one’s skin is thicker, a more even tone, the skin is glowing, dewy; and a key point patients and practitioners are loving there is limited down time to a Factor4 treatments. You can even do this during a lunch break and head back to work – that you can’t do with so many other skin treatments.”

Besides reducing your fine lines and wrinkles (not just on your face, but anywhere you like including your hands and neck), smoothing out and reducing acne scarring, helping with dark circles under the eyes and more, Factor4 is also used for a variety of other things such as hair restoration – yep, when injected into your scalp it triggers hair growth!

With Factor4 treatments, it takes a few weeks to see the overall improvement in skin quality including an increase in hydration, skin tone and texture and a reduction in those lines and wrinkles. Because it triggers change on a cellular level, you start to see a change around the 3 – 4 week mark but the changes and improvements can be seen anywhere up to 12 months to 2 years after the treatment! This is a long-term approach to staying youthful and gorgeous. The best thing about Factor4 is that it does not contain any additives or preservatives, truly non toxic. This is probably why Factor4 is the hottest treatment amongst the celebs, stars and social media stars – we all remember the moment PRP became a mainstream treatment when Kim Kardashian posted her “vampire” pic.

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