We’ve all heard of prebiotics for our guts to keep us balanced and healthy but what about prebiotics for the skin?! One of my favourite things about the Non-Surgical Symposium 2018 was that I heard some of the latest innovations in skin care and Synergie Skin was one of the most interesting. Everything they said about feeding the skin what it needs to keep it beautiful makes sense – you’ve got to have a listen to this one…

Trish: Hey, listeners. It’s Trish here again today with Transforming Bodies and I’m here today at the Non-Surgical Symposium on the Gold Coast. It’s a little bit noisy but I’m here with Terri Vinson and she’s a cosmetic chemist and the founder of Synergie Skin; and I’ve just listened to her do a presentation on prebiotics for the skin, which is really, really interesting.

It’s new technology that’s coming out. So, I thought you’d love to hear about it and she’s kindly agreed to have a chat with us.

So, welcome.

Terri Vinson: Thanks, Trish. Thanks for having me.

Trish: Thanks so much for being here today. So, tell me, what is prebiotics? What’s it all about?

Terri Vinson: Well, everybody’s really talking about prebiotics for the gut but there’s a huge amount of clinical evidence to say that we really need to be feeding our skin with prebiotics. So, what I’ve come up with is a formulation that combines the best of both worlds.

The prebiotics, which is the food for the good bacteria at the expense of the bad, kind of like fertiliser. It feeds the good bacteria in our skin but I’ve also got the probiotics which actually influences our immune system, makes our barriers stronger and reduces inflammation; and we’ve added the two together in one product.

Trish: Okay. So, basically … So, what you’re saying is that the prebiotic is when it’s partnered with the probiotic is a perfect blend.

Terri Vinson: Perfect synergy. It’s the ideal partnership. So the pre is the food and the pro is the seed. It’s the seed on the skin that allows the skin to flourish.

Trish: Okay. So, I know that when you started creating or thinking about it, you mentioned about that there’s a myth out there about adding live probiotic bacteria to cosmetic formulations would actually work and it doesn’t?

Terri Vinson: It doesn’t work at all.

Trish: So, can you tell us why?

Terri Vinson: Like a lot of people, you can take live bacteria for the gut because it can often be released in the gut lining but when you put live bacteria in a jar, a skin care product, the environment of the jar is just not hospitable at all to promoting live bacteria.

It’s usually … there’s no oxygen, there’s preservatives in there and preservatives are actually designed to kill bacteria. So the last thing you want to do is put live whole bacteria in the skincare products.

So, we use the pieces of the bacteria, the structural components and the active sites, which is called the lysate and that’s the stuff that creates the beneficial effect.

Trish: Right and I suppose that’s the difference of when you’re buying a skincare product that’s been created by a cosmetic chemist, as opposed to buying something that’s concept developer.

Terri Vinson: Yeah, exactly. Exactly, yeah.

Trish: All right, I wanted to ask you as well. You spoke about a bit of a trial that you did an in vivo, which did the trial I understand?

Terri Vinson: Yeah.

Trish: So, can you tell us a bit about that. I know that you showed that probiotics therapy improves the barrier function and I really was intrigued by your talk, the bit that you mentioned about we’re all using those antibacterials on our hands and stuff like that.

Terri Vinson: Yes.

Trish: I thought that was really interesting and probably things people should hear.

Terri Vinson: Yeah, there’s a lot of people out there that excessively use facial and body hygiene products. Sanitising gel, antibacterial gel, wipes et cetera; and even using it in daily cleaning and what that does is it basically strips the natural microbiome of the skin. The good bacteria and the bad and we actually need some bad bacteria on our skin. It kind of kicks off our immune system, if you like; but we need a lot less of the bad guys and loads of the good guys.

So, we don’t want to be stripping that with preservatives in our products, which kill them with harsh chemicals like sodium laureth sulphate, with acids, alkalines, or even those sanitising gels. So, we’ve got to be really careful.

And they did a study and it was an in vivo study of 66 women and they did a study which half of them had a placebo cream, half of them had the lysate, of what’s called bifidobacteria and after a 57 day trial, they had a stronger skin barrier, they had less sensitivity to lactic acid. They had less water loss and less clinical dryness.

So, basically it made the barrier a lot stronger within that two month period.

Trish: Yeah, right and you also said that if you’re mixing a pre and a probiotic, it’s basically … it’s a good synergy of course but topical pre and probiotics is pretty much synergistic to skincare.

Terri Vinson: Yeah, it’s synergistic skincare. So, it’s actually the first stage of making your barrier strong. If that barrier isn’t strong, everything falls down.

So, it really is everybody’s ideal starter. So, what we liken it to is a pre-serum elixir. The worst thing, in my opinion as a cosmetic chemist, that we can use is a toner. Toners do nothing. It basically means your cleanser isn’t working properly and they say toners are for balancing. Well, the true balancer is something that balances our bacteria and that’s a product like Dermiotic.

Trish: Right and tell me, I really love listening about the three Bs, I haven’t heard about the three Bs before. I’ve heard about the three Rs and you know-

Terri Vinson: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I love my analogies and I love all my acronyms. Yeah-

Trish: Yeah. What is it about the three Bs, which are really important in skincare?

Terri Vinson: Okay. Exactly. Well, you have to think biome, protecting your microbiome and making sure you’ve got the balance and diversity of bacteria. Think of barrier, which is your number one interface between the outside and the inside world. If you don’t protect your skin barrier, that outer surface, it’s gone and balance. The balance between the good and the bad bacteria is crucial.

So, biome, barrier and balance.

Trish: Fantastic, I love that. So, tell us, just to finish off, so what is the range called?

Terri Vinson: This particular product is called Dermiotic. It’s just a single product.

Trish: Oh, it’s one product?

Terri Vinson: Yeah, it’s got the pre and the pro in it together. It’s just one single product called Dermiotic.

Trish: Okay and when do you use it in the process?

Terri Vinson: Before your serum.

Trish: Okay.

Terri Vinson: Morning and night as a pre-serum elixir.

Trish: So, it’s pretty much the very first thing you put on your face in the morning.

Terri Vinson: After cleansing.

Trish: Okay.

Terri Vinson: Cleanse, Dermiotic and then get to it with your normal serums and moisturisers.

Trish: Fantastic and is there any age bracket or it can be used by anyone?

Terri Vinson: None at all and anybody who feels that they’ve been in extremes of temperature, climatic problems, been in planes, dermatitis, eczema, even just general sensitivity. I can’t think of anybody who wouldn’t benefit from it.

Trish: Oh, fantastic.

Terri Vinson: Yeah.

Trish: Well, thank you so much for that.

Terri Vinson: Thank you so much, Trish.

Trish: No worries, pleasure. Thank you for coming along.

So, listeners, if you’re out there and you’re after this product, you can actually just Google it on the Synergie Skin website, or you can drop us an email to info@PlasticSurgeryHub.com.au.

Thanks so much.

Terri Vinson: Thanks, Trish.


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