Most of us know someone who snores. In fact, many of us live and sleep (or attempt to sleep) next to someone who snores. Laser is used for a lot of things, but it is now being used as a really effective way to get rid of snoring. We also want to tell you about a special offer especially for Plastic Surgery Hub readers, saving you $300 – read more below!

Dr Jayson Oates (ENT and cosmetic plastic surgeon) from Academy Laser Clinics says he has been treating patients with the Snore Stop Laser for just over 18 months now and has had excellent results. The laser is a Fractionated CO2 laser, the gold-standard resurfacing and rejuvenation laser used for many years to tighten face and neck skin by stimulating collagen. Technological developments with fractionated CO2 laser now enable treatment of soft membrane tissue, such as in the mouth, with the same great tightening effects.

SnoreStop Laser

So, How Does It Work?

SnoreStop Laser works to reduce vibration of the soft palate in the mouth, which is the primary cause of the snoring sound. This is achieved by painlessly firing thousands of tiny dots of laser energy onto the back of the throat. The dots and heat stimulate a healing process that tightens and strengthens the part of the throat that has loosened, thereby reducing vibrations and snoring.

Dr Oates tells us that a series of four treatments spaced a month apart tends to produce the best results for the patient. Over time, the soft palate will start to relax again, so a top-up treatment every year or so will help extend the beneficial results. And, each treatment session takes less than 15 minutes, with no downtime, so you can be in and out in your lunch hour!

For any of you who snore, or have to lay next to someone who snores, this will be hugely exciting news. Imagine your relief when suddenly you no longer have to sleep in a separate room or wear earplugs, and can get a solid night’s sleep.

Academy Laser Clinics are offering a special package for Plastic Surgery Hub readers. For all consultations booked between now and 30th June 2016, purchase a 3 session treatment package for $1,700 and you will receive the 4th session complimentary, saving $300. This is a great saving for anyone looking to have the Snore Stop Laser and is a perfect reason to give the treatment a go. Remember to mention Plastic Surgery Hub when you get in touch.

Make sure you check out the VLOG above where Dr Oates gives you the lowdown on exactly how the laser works and what you can expect if you undergo the treatment.

Academy Laser Clinics are in two convenient locations – one in Crows Nest, Sydney and the other in Subiaco, Western Australia. Click here to read more about them, email or phone 1300 105 505 to arrange an appointment or consult.


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